The best series of "The Big Bang Theories" - summarize

In the evening of March 1, “TBV” will be shown in Moscow at the Luxor Center cinemas in the Golden Babylon and Hudson shopping centers on Kashirskoye Shosse, in St. Petersburg in the cinema complex of the network in the Continent shopping center, and in Novosibirsk in the multiplex in SEC "Gallery Novosibirsk". The Big Bang Theory will arrive in Sochi a few days later, on March 3, at the More Mall Mall. The special guest is the voice of the Courage-Bambey project - he is also Denis Kolesnikov.

In addition to the shows of the nine best series, guests are waiting for the premiere of a new episode of the very last, season 10.

Interesting speakers will speak before the guests: in Moscow, in the Luxor Center cinema Dmitry Mamontov (a popularizer of science, a scientific editor of the Polytechnic Museum and a former scientific editor of the magazine Popular Mechanics) will talk about the best scientific April Fool’s draws, invented discoveries and inventions, some of which subsequently became a reality.

Pitertsev is waiting for a meeting with Vitaly Vasyanovich (head of the scientific project “Zanuda”) - he will explain why the “Big Bang Theory” has done more to popularize science than the works of any scientist, and will also reveal the secret of how real scientists joke and luminaries of academic science . Their sense of humor is no worse than that of their favorite TBV heroes!

In Sochi, guests will be able to ask their questions personally to Denis Kolesnikov, the head of the Kurazh-Bambey project, who will specially come to the resort capital of Russia to communicate with his local fans for the first time.

In addition, everyone is waiting for a prize draw, an entertainment program and a lot of interesting things!

Admission by pre-registration, which will be open a week before the event. For readers of Popular Mechanics, we made an exception. Tell us in the comments why you should get invitations to the show “The Big Bang Theory”. 5 winners whom we will choose by random selection will receive an invitation for two persons to show in Moscow. We will sum up the results on February 25th.

And here are the results. Invitation to the show receive:

  • Danil.K
  • anza
  • mavricheva
  • pollykroshka
  • red. berkut
  • dobrijkianu
  • etsu
  • proslava
  • Killout
  • Benzobak
  • UlyanaD
  • Shadowmaster
  • Stacylapina
  • smlbox
  • instatbv
  • kaa007
  • annasha
  • Jane-joy
  • das1898
  • hot.pepper
Letters will come to your email addresses, where we will tell you how to get invitations!


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