Automobile gasoline learned to make waste

Audi, which set a goal by 2025 to achieve a 30% reduction in carbon emissions, has developed low-carbon gasoline for this purpose. Aral’s partner in the project was Aral, a fuel and engine oil manufacturer.

The new type of gasoline is half composed of high-quality renewable components derived from waste. According to its characteristics, the innovative development is fully consistent with the Aral Ultimate 102 racing gasoline, which is used in DTM cars.

Bench tests of new gasoline

To demonstrate the potential of low-carbon gasoline at the Hockenheimring, they will be charged with two Audi RS 5 DTM racing taxis, each equipped with a 2-liter peak engine of 640 hp.

Audi emphasized that according to the results of bench tests it was found out that no engine modifications are required to switch to a new fuel. At the same time, low-carbon gasoline engines retain their characteristics and their service life is not reduced.


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