Australia's most dangerous animals named

Perhaps you would not be very surprised to see in the first place a combed crocodile ( Crocodylus porosus ) - a large (more than 5 meters) and very dangerous reptile that can attack anyone from a shark to a tiger, not excluding, of course, humans and even motor a boat.

A eastern (or mesh) brown snake ( Pseudonaja textilis ), a two-meter reptile with the second toxic poison among land snakes, also looks a worthy contender.

However, let's move on to statistics. About her told us the Australian portal ABC. In 2008–17, 266 people died on contact with animals on the continent.

  • In one case, the culprit could not be determined. Another poor fellow was killed by a rat (we don’t know how).
  • Unidentified poisonous arthropods caused the death of four people.
  • In eight cases, the cause of death was the bite of non-toxic insects.
  • Seventeen people were killed by crocodiles. Twenty-two people are dogs. Obviously, the danger of the animal does not depend too much on its size.
  • From the bites of poisonous snakes killed twenty-three people. Sharks were a little more dangerous - in a decade they killed 26 people.
  • In an honorable third place were hornets, wasps and bees, which "strangled" to death twenty-eight people.

Contact with different mammals not listed, cost the lives of 60 people. And the most dangerous animals of the continent, on which there are so many poisonous snakes and toothy crocodiles, were cows and horses. Communication with them was fatal for 77 people.

Still, there is no beast worse than a cow. And you probably thought ...

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