Asgardia: an independent space state

Although Asgardia does not yet have its own territories, anyone can become its citizen by registering on the official website of the state. The main idea, according to the organizers, is to create a new legal framework for the peaceful use of outer space, free from the control of the peoples inhabiting the Earth. The creation of the new nation was led by Igor Ashurbeyli, an entrepreneur, scientist and engineer from Russia, who in 2013 founded the International Aerospace Research Center (AIRC) in Vienna. According to Igor’s statement at a Paris press conference, “the scientific and technical component of the project can be expressed in three things: peace, accessibility and protection”.

The protective component of the program will be implemented in the form of a satellite, the launch of which is scheduled for 2017 and is designed to provide "a protective shield for all of humanity from cosmic threats of anthropogenic and natural nature, such as space debris, coronary mass emissions on the Sun and collisions with asteroids." This is a very bold plan, because now far from all military and industrial corporations are able to build a flight program so that the satellites do not collide with each other, not to mention the protection of the Earth from space rocks the size of a city. It is also unclear whether the organizers have funding and technical capabilities to deploy such a large-scale program.

The project initiative arose in an attempt to circumvent the Outer Space Treaty, which entrusts nations with the obligation to supervise any space activity undertaken on their territory, and it does not matter who carries it out - government agencies, commercial companies or non-profit enterprises. States take responsibility for any damage that vehicles or satellites launched from their territories can cause both in space and anywhere on Earth. “By creating a new space nation, private entrepreneurs and the further development of space technologies will flourish free from the stringent restrictions of state control that currently exist, ” the project’s manifest says. However, it remains to be seen whether the structure of Asgardia itself will be based on the state, or any other structural basis. It should be noted that at present, Asgardia is still not recognized by the UN or by any other nations, and no one except the founding fathers knows where it will come from and territories and resources.


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