What to watch in July: 6 new series and films

July turned out to be rich in premieres in the world of cinema: the Netflix series about Nicholas II, the third season of “Very Strange Things”, the HBO documentary about the American Michelle Carter, who was convicted of forcing her boyfriend to suicide, was released. But that is not all. The Last Czars / The Last Czars (Season 1) It’s already clear from the trailer that this semi-documentary, semi-artistic Netflix project is doomed to criticism (we still remember the scandal surrounding Alexei Uchitel’s Matilda). The au

10 best real-life movies

Crime films have always been popular, and the world willingly provides real materials for new scenarios. It’s hard to compose stories on which classic films like Martin Scorsese’s “Good Men” are based, so what’s happening in these films is not a figment of the imagination of the directors. And the upcoming weekend is the best time to plunge into the world of fictional stories. 1. “Nice

2001: A Space Odyssey: What Predictions about the Future Come True?

The premiere of Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey took place 50 years ago. The film became a real breakthrough, noticeably ahead of its time and caused a storm of discussions - they touched not only the cinema, but also the scientific, philosophical and religious aspects of the picture

33 thousand pipes: how the organ works

When the inconspicuous door, painted in beige color, opened, a glance caught only a few wooden steps from the darkness. A powerful wooden box, similar to a ventilation duct, goes up right behind the door. “Be careful, this is an organ pipe, 32 feet, a bass flute register, ” my guide warned. “Wait, I'll turn on the light.” I w

15 best time travel movies

"Ivan Vasilievich is changing the profession" In 1973, L. Gaidai’s film “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes the Profession”, which immediately became the box office leader, was released on Soviet screens: more than 60 million viewers watched the film. The engineer of the time machine, engineer Timofeev, in the company of the Bunsh managerial house and the house-thief Georges Miloslavsky, fell in the time of Ivan the Terrible, and the formidable king himself ended up in Timofeev’s apartment. It mak

What to watch on Friday night: the best films in history

We suggest studying the lists of the best films according to Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick and other cult directors. 1. QUENTIN TARANTINO (Sight and Sound poll) 1. The Apocalypse Today (Francis Ford Coppola, 1979) 2. Unbearable bears (Michael Ritchie, 1976) 3. Carrie (Brian De Palma, 1976) 4

We look together until they are deleted: Detective Pikachu is leaked to the network

Regarding the leak, Ryan Reynolds has already spoken out, voicing the main character - he was one of the first to draw the attention of Warner Brothers to the act of “piracy”. The premiere of the film in Russia is scheduled for May 16, 2019. POKÉMON Detective Pikachu - FULL MOVIE - // - Inspector Pikachu (@InspectrPikachu) May 7, 2019

"View from below": animals shot from under a glass table

Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba took up the project “Underlook” more than three years ago. More precisely, it was conceived not as a project, but as a one-time Under-Cats photo shoot - Burba came up with the idea of ​​putting cats on a glass table and taking pictures from this unusual angle with very contrasting light. Howeve

Hiller - the most mysterious pink lake in the world

It is believed that this amazingly beautiful lake was discovered by a British servant, captain Matthew Flinders, in 1802 during his exploration of this area of ​​Australia, when he climbed to the highest peak to explore the Middle Island. The color of the water does not change even after a few days, after it has been poured into a container. Th

What to read this summer: the best fiction of the first half of 2019

Liu Cixin "Ball Lightning" Liu Qixin - the master of Chinese fiction - is known for the trilogy “In Memory of the Past of the Earth”, which tells about the catastrophic consequences of the “first contact” with extraterrestrial intelligence. Now the author’s earlier novel, Ball Lightning, has come out in Russian. It is es

Tom and Jerry after death: skeletons of cartoon characters

What does the skeleton look like, for example, the cat Tom or the mouse Jerry? Judging by the cartoon, their bones must withstand crazy loads and bend in the most unexpected places. Korean sculptor Hyunko Lee decided to give a definitive answer to this question. In my opinion, looking at the works of Hyunko, any child will once and for all refuse cartoons

The Amazing Goldberg Machine: Video

At first it may seem that on the table there is a random set of things - small wooden panels, a couple of spinners, a few coins, a pen ... However, then a person throws a tiny blue ball - and we already become part of an incredible “journey”. This Goldberg machine was developed by YouTube user Kaplamino. In

Jurassic Cinema: what is zootrop

On December 28, 1895, the first film show in history was held on Kapucinov Boulevard in Paris. The blockbuster of the end of the 19th century was the film “Exit of Workers from the Factory”, shot six months before the demonstration by the brothers Louis and Auguste Lumiere. From that day, the brothers are rightly considered the founders of the cinema, although moving pictures appeared long before them. Th

Science and Theory in the Liu Qixin Trilogy “In Memory of the Past of the Earth”

Until recently, few knew that China had its own science fiction. Liu Cixin became the author who demonstrated to the whole world that science fiction literature in the Celestial Empire is not just there, but it is very original and extraordinary. His novel “The Task of Three Bodies”, with which the trilogy “In Memory of the Past of the Earth” begins, created a real sensation in the West. The bo

Science and art: 5 examples of artist inspiration

It turns out that artists often turn to science in search of inspiration. We present you a selection of the most interesting stories of creating artistic masterpieces. Edward Munch Scream The Scream by Edward Munch Norwegian artist Edward Munch painted the painting “Scream” in 1893. In his diary, he said that he was inspired by the blood-red sky that he saw while walking with friends. Th

Towel Day: Hitchhiking the Galaxy

Towel Day is celebrated every year on May 25th. Douglas Adams passed away on May 11, 2001, and three days later the following announcement appeared on the Binary Freedom open source forum: Douglas Adams will be missed by all his fans around the world. So that all fans can pay tribute to his genius, I propose to mark the day two weeks after his death (May 25, 2001) as "Day of the towel

Goldberg's machine from ... fidget spinners: video

Ruba Goldberg’s machine is a complex, intricate device that consists of many parts and mechanisms and is designed to perform a simple action in a very complex way, usually through a long sequence of interactions according to the “domino principle”. In February, Kaplamino showed Goldberg's car, which, according to him, took three months to complete and more than 500 failed attempts (the inventor called the video his “best video”). By the w

The tape is over, wind up: the compact cassette is back in the game

About ten years ago it seemed that the compact cassette was living out its last years, but this alien from the 1960s continued to be in steady demand. And it’s not just continuing, but as dispassionate statistics show, the demand for compact cassettes has been growing steadily in recent years. According to research company Nielsen, last year sales of compact cassettes increased by 35.2

10 films that changed the idea of ​​visual effects in cinema

We recall the Academy Award winners of different years for the best visual effects. 1969 year. 2001: A Space Odyssey Filming The Space Odyssey was a time-consuming process: director Stanley Kubrick monitored every detail in the film, from special effects to what kind of fabric was used in the costumes of the actors

How "Alien: Testament" was shot: aliens on Earth

The appearance of the expeditionary ship of the colonists was responsible for the producer of the film, Chris Sigers. He cites an analogy with oil derricks: “The spacecraft is arranged according to a similar principle: on the outside is an ordinary tin can, on the inside is a complex system full of ultramodern devices.”

Xenomorph Morphology: Ideal Predators

Space has always fascinated man with its icy beauty. Even at the turn of the XXII century, when dozens of light years are no longer an obstacle to space navigation technologies, many liken space to the vast ocean of the Earth. Like the watery expanses of our cradle, the depths of space were inhabited by mysterious creatures, whose nature inspires awe in the hearts of even experienced pilots and avid xenobiologists

Mellotron: a tool that can simulate an entire ensemble

This device was created to simulate the sound of other instruments (and entire ensembles), but in the end it found its own voice, for which it is still valued. Being purely electromechanical, it, however, set the development direction for electronic musical equipment, and for decades to come. And finally, this instrument, first bearing the name of its creator (Cheberlin), for various reasons - primarily because of betrayal and theft - turned out to be better known by the name of its pirated version, as it is now customary to say, the mellotron

Captain America or Iron Man: Who Will You Choose?

On May 5, Marvel’s new movie, Captain America: Civil War, is released. This is the third part of the popular franchise about Captain America and the first picture of the third phase of the cinematic Universe MARVEL. At the beginning of Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers (Captain America) is the leader of the reunited Avengers team, which protects humanity from any threats.

How to make African Kalimba with your own hands

Kalimba is the oldest and most common musical instrument in Africa, especially in the central and southern parts. Its wide popularity is evidenced by the abundance of names that designate Kalimba among various tribes: Sanza, Mbira, Mbila, Ndimba, Lukembu and so on. Of these, “Tsanets” is generally accepted in Russia, and “Kalimba” in the West. Kalimb

7 modern songs about Gagarin: space rock

1. “Underwood”, “Gagarin, I loved you” (album “Everything will pass, dear”, 2002). A cult song from the debut album of the Simferopol-Moscow rock band, formed in 1995, is still heard on various radio stations. And, it seems, there is no person who has not heard her at least once. 2. Julia Teunikova & SOUNDRUSSIA, “Gagarin is Alive” (album “Russian Tales”, 2017). With this song in

7 films that were not allowed to rent in Russia

Surely many people remember this resonant story: on January 25 last year, the film “The Death of Stalin” by British director Armando Iannucci was to be released in Russia. But two days before the premiere, the Ministry of Culture withdrew the rental certificate from the picture, indicating to the distributor "extreme inappropriateness" of the film's release on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad. We

Courtney Mattison Coral Reefs: Incredibly Fine Extinction

Courtney Mattison, an artist and specialist in marine ecology, is engaged in a sad affair: she depicts the death of her coral reefs. In gigantic, more than life-size sculptures, coral polyps and their neighbors slowly lose their colors and turn into lifeless white deserts. In the Russian language, the problem Mattison deals with does not even have a name: this process is called either bleaching or fading of corals, copying English bleaching

Look into the future: 7 films about future changes

“Outside / Yourself” A man is very afraid of death and is ready for anything to extend his life. Scientists of the future invented a way by which consciousness can be transferred from the old body to the young. A dying businessman agrees to an operation, now he is guaranteed longevity. But nightmares from the past of his "donor" begin to torment the hero. Is

How modern intervals appeared in music

In the most graphic form, the usual scale we are presented in the piano keyboard. Each octave has seven white keys and five black keys - a total of 12 notes. And why are there exactly 12, not 13 or 6? And why, if you listen carefully, can you notice that the fifths and quarts taken on the piano sound with obvious beats (volume pulsation), and the third and sixths are generally dissonant, dissonant

Peter Watts: The 21st Century's Most Complex Writer

The scientist-hydrobiologist, Doctor of Biological Sciences Peter Watts is an adherent of solid science fiction, perfectly verified, evidence-based, complex. At the end of each of his books is a list of references. His debut novel "Starfish" was released in 1999, since then Peter has published four more novels and a collection of short stories, which, by the way, will soon be released in Russian translation, and has become one of the leading science fiction writers in the world