Archaeologists have discovered the bones of the largest of the earliest dinosaurs

The largest animals that have ever walked the earth weighed as much as space shuttles. Scientists still can not say with certainty what has allowed dinosaurs to reach such incredible sizes. However, a new discovery made by paleontologists sheds a little light on this riddle.

Giants of the past

Fossils were discovered in northwestern Argentina during a field raid by scientists. In total, 4 skeletons were found: large remains belonging to a new, previously unknown species, and fragments of three of his relatives. The new species was named Ingentia prima, which is translated from the Latin language as “First Giant”. The dinosaur itself dates back to the Triassic and lived on Earth for about 30 million years before the colossuses familiar to all appeared - diplodocus and brachiosaurus. He was inferior in size and weighed 10 tons. However, for scientists, the fact of its discovery was a big surprise, since paleontologists did not even assume that the evolutionary enlargement of dinosaurs began so early.

In the scientific community, the dinosaur is also called lessemsaurids, because it became the first 10-ton dinosaur known to science from all that lived 215 million years ago. Scientists used to believe that the first colossi appeared at the beginning of the Jurassic, after the eruption of supervolcanoes at the end of the Triassic caused a mass extinction. However, apparently, shortly before the extinction, some dinosaurs still managed to reach very impressive sizes.

What is really unexpected is that Ingentia prima grew up independent of other giants, whose evolution actually began only in the Jurassic period. The fact of such intensive growth, as it turned out, was not a single event for sauropods, since now it is obvious that gigantism was observed in a variety of animals, which were sometimes separated by tens of millions of years.

Like later dinosaur species, lessemsaurids had air sacs, like birds. Apparently, they helped a huge creature cool the body and served as an additional reservoir for oxygen. Rings on bones (like rings on a tree cut) also helped to determine that dinosaurs reached large dimensions in a very short time. Perhaps in the near future, the study of this region will give science and other amazing discoveries that will turn our ideas about the ancient inhabitants of the Earth.


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