Anti-hipster: Chevrolet Tahoe test

Tahoe is available for more than 20 years, but during this time the SUV managed not to lose its "identity", as PR people like to say. Simply put, I remember these double rectangular headlights from the school bench. Now in front of me, the Tahoe is already in its fourth generation, but it is still recognizable. And charismatic!

The stylish 1992 Chevrolet Blazer SUV in Europe was sold under the name Tahoe, and in 1995 the Blazer was suddenly renamed the Tahoe in the US market. The elongated version was called Suburban and averaged 5.6 meters in length. These cars could often be seen in gangster series "about the 1990s." And for good reason: the SUV looked impressive!

But Tahoe was not inferior to him. A plumb front with a massive chrome grille, double headlights, neat lights, flat body panels and flat sides - strictly and solidly. Engines were a match: mainly on the Tahoe put a gasoline 5.7-liter V8 or 6.5-liter V8 turbodiesel. There was an independent suspension in front, and a bridge on springs in the back. Four-wheel drive was first plug-in, later became permanent.

In 2000, the second generation of the SUV came out - also with a frame and a continuous axle at the rear. The assembly "Tahoe" was even organized in Kaliningrad - after all, there were times! The third generation debuted in 2006 and was distinguished by large square headlights with a horizontal arrangement of light elements instead of a vertical one. Fortunately, the fourth-generation Tahoe, which went on sale in 2014, reverted to its previous twin headlamp design.

Massive and brutal Tahoe retained all the family features

"> Massive and brutal Tahoe retained all the family features

The design of the SUV is concise: straight lines, flat surfaces

"> SUV design is concise: straight lines, smooth surfaces

Tahoe chrome plated rims go very well

"> Tahoe chrome plated rims go really well


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