American superheavy rocket SLS do not have time to prepare for launch in 2020

NASA Rocket SLS in art presentation

The superheavy space launch vehicle SLS (Space Launch System) is being developed by NASA to carry out manned flights and take cargo out of Earth orbit. It was assumed that a test launch with an Orion spacecraft without a crew (EM-1) will take place in June 2020, and the first launch with a crew aboard Orion (EM-2) in 2023.

Recently, however, as the Associated Press reports, NASA head Jim Brydenstein said at a Senate hearing that the SLS would not be ready for launch in June 2020. In order not to disrupt the flight schedule, according to Brydenstein, it is possible that two private missiles will be used to launch Orion in 2020 (one will launch Orion without a crew and a European service module, the other the upper stage, with which the ship would dock and headed to the moon).

It is reported that NASA should determine the action plan in the next two weeks.


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