Alexander Grek about Cyberpunks and people's unwillingness to live in a technological future

Indeed, for all these, it seemed to me, amazing fruits of progress, we are forced to pay by the rapid acceleration of our lives. In my childhood, despite the fact that we also participated in school competitions and went to sports sections, we had a lot of time for backyard adventures, about which modern children can only read in the books of Gaidar or Dragunsky. And then, if they have time to read.

The modern world in exchange for access to technology takes almost all of our time. We can fly around the globe in superplanes, but we don’t have time to sit with a fishing rod on the nearest river. It is not surprising that there are a huge number of people who do not want to live in such a high-tech future. But life leaves no alternative to them.

The article “Letter from the Editor” was published in the journal Popular Mechanics (No. 11, November 2018).


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