Airwheel Monowheel: An Overview of Models

But if few people heard about the Aquaskipper, and only a few rode on it, then the unicycle can now be seen in all corners of our planet. By its control and principle of operation, the monowheel, oddly enough, resembles a bicycle - you only need to maintain lateral balance. But if a pair of wheels provides longitudinal stability in a bicycle, then in a monowheel electronic gyroscopes are responsible for it (exactly the same as in your mobile phone), control electronics and a powerful brushless electric motor.

Airwheel Q3 Two-wheel model. The main advantage is greater lateral stability and, therefore, faster development. The increased width also allows you to place high-capacity batteries, which makes it possible to achieve a range of 55 km. But the charging time increases to two hours.

In fact, the whole unicycle is an electric motor with a battery. The outer part with the tire rotates as a rotor, and pedals are attached to the fixed stator. Magnets are located on the rotor - glued to the wheel. And Hall sensors are fixed to the stator - thanks to them, the electronics know in what position the wheel is. Despite the strange appearance, usually people learn the unicycle faster than the classic two-wheeled bicycle - if with an instructor, then in just an hour.

Airwheel X3S One of the most affordable basic unicycle models. Charging time - 1 hour, range 17 km, top speed - 16 km / h. Wheel diameter - 14 inches.

They say that driving a monowheel is most similar to skiing: the wheel is clamped with your feet, and the turns are carried out by slalom movements. The maximum speed is limited by electronics, and it can be changed in the settings in the range from 12 to 18 km / h. However, changing the firmware, you can accelerate the unicycle to 50 km / h, but this is already from the category of unsafe extreme. Well, despite their summer appearance, you can ride monowheels year-round - they say that even studded tires exist for them.

AirWheel X8 The main difference between this model - 16-inch wheels. The increased diameter allows you to overcome road bumps and higher curbs with great comfort. However, many "riders" have mastered the technique of jumping with a unicycle clamped between their legs.

What do LG washing machines and monowheels have in common? In classic washing machines, two-wheeled and four-wheeled modes of transport, the torque to the drum or wheels is transmitted through the transmission, for example, using a belt drive. In the LG unicycle and washing machines, the motor is connected directly to the drum or wheel. The circuit becomes simpler, balancing is improved, dimensions are reduced and service life is increased.

The article “On One Wheel” was published in the magazine Popular Mechanics (No. 9, September 2016).


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