Airbus introduced an unusual concept aircraft


Bird of Prey, according to Airbus, is capable of carrying up to 80 passengers over a distance of 1, 500 kilometers. It looks rather unusual: in particular, as you can see, the wing consoles at the base are significantly bent and attached to the body separately (in many other high-wing planes they are connected by a center section). In addition, the concept received wingtips and tail, similar to bird feathers. As you can see, there are five tips at the ends of the wing - they, as indicated, are movable elements.

Bird of Prey, in theory Airbus, should have a hybrid power plant. It - together with an unusual design - would help, as the company says, reduce fuel consumption by airplane by about 30-50 percent compared with similar devices.

However, Airbus does not intend to launch such a device in a series. At the same time, however, the company suggests that the developments used in the concept could be useful in creating future machines.


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