AI made the film for the first time - and made it scary

First, there was artificial intelligence, Jetson, who called himself Benjamin, wrote his own science fiction script and called it Sunspring; The database on which he studied served as a hundred real-life scenarios. The creators of Jetson made a film according to this scenario, something like the main role in it was played by Thomas Middleditch from the series "Silicon Valley". The remarks are grammatically correct, one of the most frequently repeated remarks is “I don’t understand what you are talking about, ” the actors play is amazing.

This year, another AI, calling himself Benjamin, was given clues - the ideas of dialogs, scene descriptions, and the idea: mankind is threatened by an artificially created virus that affects only pregnant women. Then Benjamin was “fed” with videos on which actors Elizabeth Gray (the series “Lovers”), again Thomas Middleditch and comedian Humphrey Ker read monologues and depicted different emotions on a chromakey. In addition, Benjamin "watched" a bunch of old and new films. And then in two days he ... took off? Mounted? In general, he created his own movie, Zone Out - a black and white retro short film in the genre of sci-fi senseless horror. The characters in the film move and intonate quite naturally; a little distracting is the complete lack of meaning in their words and a hint of a mustache on the faces of female characters. In the frame, according to the recipe of the great Godard, there is a girl and a pistol, as well as a female head separated from the body on a strange life support system and an old-school monster.


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