What is aikido?

The great sensei Morihei Ueshiba came to create his own martial art in 1922. In a world of traditional fighting styles that offered to meet strength with force and respond to aggression with aggression, Ueshiba sought harmony. Based on the achievements of the great masters, he formed a complex of philosophy and military techniques to stop the enemy using his own strength

Hardball: the toughest war game

Earth, today, a political crisis. Terrorists plan to seize passenger aircraft. But on the way to the airport of M, they are blocked by special forces. Militants break out of the ring with heavy losses, seize nearby buildings - by a tragic accident, the Biokhim plant. After breaking the guard, the experimental bioreactor is mined

Arm wrestling technology

Actually, cinematic cliches are not entirely wrong. After the Second World War, at the dawn of arm wrestling, it all looked so. Truckers gathered in bars, drank, and then checked who is stronger. Arm wrestling is an ideal battle for a small enclosed space; it does not require sophisticated equipment and extensive space

The fastest bird in the world against paratroopers: video

Many people think that the fastest creature in the world is a cheetah, but this is not so. While wild cats can reach speeds of up to 120 km / h, a bird of the family of falcon peregrines, diving, can accelerate to 242 mph (389 km / h) in pursuit of prey! As part of the filming of the BBC Earth documentary series, British presenter and veterinarian Steve Leonard decided to show the peregrine falcon in action

How to hide your head in iron: medieval war helmets

“PM” visited the workshop of Sergei Zhuravlev, a well-known reconstructor and part-time blacksmith who creates modern replicas of historical armor. We decided to talk about knight's helmets. About their history in the European Middle Ages and about the technology of their reconstruction today. Po

10 km without a parachute: what to do if you fell out of an airplane

Guidance on surviving a fall from a ten-kilometer height. Fall speed - 190 km / h, fall time - 3 minutes. 6:59:00 Altitude 10, 000 meters Your flight can be called late night, or you want - early morning. After takeoff, you were lined up to sleep, and suddenly wake up from a scorching ice wind. And that sound is a heartbreaking, deafening roar

Garage bus: how to shoot the TV show “Fast and Loud”

And what does the actual money have to do with it? Leading programs, Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman, do not really entertain the public, but do business. These guys are capable of anything - restoration, construction of hot births, customization, tuning. Sometimes customers come themselves and ask (for a decent fee, of course) to make something of their own car

“Guinness Book of Records”: how a judge’s work works

Judge Eva Norroi explains why people risk their lives for dubious achievements and what rules to follow in order to become a champion in making hot dogs and cutting palaces from soap. I recently set a record for one Briton - he wanted to become a champion in the number of squats on a pillow-pillow in 30 seconds

Alone with the Depth: Freediving

Experienced freedivers prefer to use monofin - this saves power Freediving is more than depth. One of the disciplines of freediving is dynamic apnea (swimming underwater in the pool while holding your breath). The picture shows the world record holder in this discipline Alexey Molchanov, his record is 250 m (in fins) On January 23, 1960, the Trieste bathyscaphe, with a crew of two people - US Navy lieutenant Don Walsh and Swiss scientist Jacques Picard - reached the bottom of the Mariana Trench

Crossbow Anatomy: Modern Crossbow

Like many centuries ago, the design of the crossbow remains virtually unchanged Split Shoulder Bow Fractal split shoulders Fiberglass and aluminum are ideal materials for crossbow arrows, bolts. Often, bolts have a threaded insert on the front section of the shaft, which allows you to change the tip from sports to hunting and vice versa

Flying over water: what is a hydrofoil and why is it cool

Starting from the 60s of the last century, hydro-foils began to be screwed onto everything that came to hand. The cult Soviet magazine “Boats and Yachts” discussed the hydrofoils for sailing yachts with might and main, and the Massachusetts engineer-air navigator Walter Woodward patented hydrofoil water skis, and then a board, an aquaplane and a catamaran with hydrofoils. Ph

12 Russian snowmobiles: in the winter in the taiga

"Russian mechanics" (Rybinsk) - yes, about them we are again in the first place. The oldest manufacturer of snowmobiles began in 1971 with the Burana and, of course, still produces it in a completely modified version. Classic, what can you do. But the picture shows a steeper and more modern model Tayga Patrul 800 SWT or, in simple terms, “Taiga”. Po

6 snowcats: who builds snow machines

Prinoth (Sterzing, Italy). One of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment, forestry equipment, quarry all-terrain vehicles and snow groomers. At the moment, the company's lineup includes 7 different models. Pictured is the Prinoth New Bison X with the Caterpillar C9.3 engine

Wakeboarding for Dummies: Wizard Tips

The sport is really spectacular, and when you admire the athletes, it does not occur to you that mastering it is actually quite simple. “Be sure, by the end of the first day of classes, you can already stand on the board and even jump a little, ” says Zane Schwenk, a 16-year-old wakeboarder. And here we will talk about the basic skills and equipment that are needed to start. Fi

Roller coaster: a new generation of rides

Cool March morning. The sun has just risen, but a pair of high-altitude installers, Paul Atherton and Clint Richard, have already climbed the transparent farms, which are the steel skeleton of the future attraction, and fastened their safety lights. 11 floors below comes to life a crane. Rumbling with his car, the crane operator lifts a 14-ton fragment of a curved structure, painted in orange, into the air

Wounds and injections: how professional fencers work

The World Fencing Championship, held in July in the capital's Olympic, gave us a surprise. And the matter is not in the scale of the event, although they are amazing: 912 athletes from 108 countries showed up for the competition. And not even in the triumph of the Russian national team, which was well deserved and expected, so it does not attract surprise

How to throw axes

Ax throwing is an amazingly spectacular sport. At large distances (more than 20 m) a heavy projectile flies measured and majestic. Rotating in the air, the ax makes a rhythmic whistling sound, and when it reaches the target, it shakes it with such a roar that the audience involuntarily squint their eyes

What does the explosion of the largest fireworks in the world look like?

On December 31, the UAE celebrated the New Year with the launch of a firework with a ton weight and a half meter diameter, and as a result set a record that officially entered the Guinness Book of Records. The charge was made in the USA at the Grucci Fireworks factory, then they were sent to the UAE by a ship, where technicians collected it and loaded it into a cannon weighing 7 tons and a length of 7 meters, dug almost 4 meters into the ground

The coolest "roller coaster" in the first person: hold on tight!

Roller coaster is one of the most popular attractions in amusement parks. Let's visit the most exciting of them thanks to these first-person videos! 1. The highest metal slide (139 meters): Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey, USA 2. The highest wooden slide (60 meters): Colossos - Heide Park, Soltau, Germany 3

Face Punch: New Kudo Helmet

On February 17, Moscow hosted the European Open Championship in Daido-Juka, or Kudo. The martial art created by Azuma Takashi in the 80s of the last century is often called "furious karate." The existence of a style characterized by a colossal arsenal of striking and wrestling techniques, a minimum of restrictions and maximum combat realism would not have been possible without the use of special protective equipment, among which the SuperSafe helmet is central

Gunfighters: the most accurate shooters of our time

Do not confuse gunfighters with cowboys. A cowboy is essentially a shepherd, a cattle farmer. Most 19th century cowboys were black, and they were forbidden to carry weapons. Gunfighter is another matter. He could be a hit man, a servant of the law, a sports shooter, but in any case he made money with his revolver

Unknown 2000s Motorcycle Racing

About some little-known brands - TSR, BSL - that performed in the 2000s, you can read in the previous article about little-known motorcycles of the 1990s. They just appeared in the 90s, and in the 2000s ended their existence. So in this material - only about "newcomers". 2001−2005. Proton .

Sapsurfing: amazing riding on an inflatable board

Sapsurfing is an amazing (and surprisingly widespread) sport in which the "root" Hawaiian immediacy and high technology have merged. The term itself is based on the English abbreviation SUP - Standup Paddle Boarding, that is, riding on a board standing with a paddle. The board itself is also called SUP

Water Racing: Rocket Boats

Pilot Russ Weeks will lead the American Challenge during the record race. In the meantime, the model is undergoing hydrodynamic tests The British Quicksilver is not yet built, but will also claim a speed record The first "speed" boats were steam, but, more importantly, they were displacement (weight was maintained due to buoyancy)

Lawn Mower Racing: The Craziest Sports

In general, abroad they are chasing everything that can move on its own. Moreover, every sport, no matter how strange it may seem, necessarily has a national federation, a strict set of rules, and champions and prize-winners are honored no less than the winners of real IndyCar or NASCAR car races. Thus, the American Lawn Mower Racing Association (USLMRA) recently celebrated its 20th anniversary

Fall of your own free will: rope jumping

It all started with a videotape. It was “The Climber of the Cliffs - 5”, a film by Dan Osman, a pioneer of rope jumping, who during his life was often called both the “master of gravity” and the “idiot”. An experienced climber, he broke several times and hung on the insurance. After one of these cases, it occurred to him that the fall itself is a good thing and that it is worthwhile to devote more time to it. Perhaps th

Kiteboarding for Dummies: A Training Course

1. Onshore briefing The most important thing is to understand how to manage the kite. In many kiteboarding schools, classes begin with training on the beach. Beginners are invited to try their hand with a kite with a short kite that is very convenient for managing slings. By manipulating them, you can quickly feel the behavior of the kite in the wind

Speed ​​records on a car: illustrated guide 1922-1947

Conditionally, the race for speed can be divided into three stages: 1) 1898 - 1914. During this period, records were mainly set on serial or conventional race cars on racetracks or public roads; 2) 1922 - 1947 . During this period, records were mainly set on special record cars with a wheel propulsion on beaches or on salt lakes; 3) since 1964

Car of the day: Bigfoot 5

Bigfoot is a monster truck series launched in the mid-1970s by customizer Bob Chandler. He finished the first car under this brand in 1979, using an upgraded chassis and the body of his own Ford F-250 pickup truck. It was one of the first monster trucks in the history: at about the same time, similar machines from other designers appeared - USA-1 Everett Jasmer, Bear Foot Paul Shafer and King Kong Jeff Dane

Deadly Power: Grip

Qin-na in one of the translations into Russian means “painful, controlling seizures”. It would seem that this is mysterious? Indeed, many types of wrestling and fistfighting have in their arsenal painful techniques, throws, effects on joints, ligaments, etc. However, tsin-on is a peculiar, even unique combat system. It