8 screw rotor all-terrain vehicles: the rarest car

Residue Solutions (Australia). In 2002, Residue Solutions introduced its first MudMaster auger and has since become the leading manufacturer of such machines. MudMaster is designed to service irrigation stations and silt fields, as well as to work in the conditions of swamps, mangroves, coastlines and so on.

Snowbird 6 (UK). Modifiable transformer auger built in 2001 specifically for the Ice Challenger expedition. On it, the British crossed the Bering Strait, driving from Nome (Alaska) to Providence (Chukotka).

ZIL-2906 (USSR) - a screw rotor snow and swamp vehicle designed specifically for the search for astronauts in remote areas. Included in the search and rescue complex "Blue Bird". Such machines were built from 1979 to 1991, a total of 20 copies were made. In the picture, by the way, a modified version of the ZIL-29061.

ZIL-4904 (USSR) - the largest auger in the world, built in 1972 in several copies (one has survived to this day). It remained a prototype and was not really used anywhere, since it was too cumbersome for rescue operations, and the 4904th was never invented for other areas of use.

Fordson Snow Devil (USA). The only serial American auger, built in the 1920s by Armstead Snow Motor based on Fordson tractors. At least three copies have survived to this day (two of them are in private hands).

ShN-67 "Screw" (USSR, 1967). The first auger developed by ZIL (like its successor, an experienced ShN-68). These two auger rods gave rise to the powerful ZIL-4904 apparatus.

GPI-16 (USSR), motor show of the laboratory of snowmobile cars of the Gorky Polytechnic Institute. Quite a lot of such strange snowmobiles were designed and produced (each model is a copy), but they were not widely used).

DAF Amphirol (Netherlands). The Dutch experience of 1966. In fact, this is a private development of the engineer Joseph de Bakker, who simply put the DAF engine on his auger.

The principle of movement of a screw rotor all-terrain vehicle is simple. The machine is equipped with two or more rotors coaxial with the direction of movement - Archimedes screws. During rotation, they are repelled by the porridge or liquid substance along which the all-terrain vehicle moves, and propel it forward.

The auger is not afraid of anything. Where the Trekol swamp boat with huge tubeless tires gets stuck, where due to the uneven terrain the hovercraft cannot pass, the auger will slowly but surely advance. For rescue operations in conditions such as northern swamps, it can become an indispensable assistant. In addition, hollow auger rotors can serve as floats, turning the all-terrain vehicle into an amphibian.

The main disadvantage is the complete inability of the auger to move along at least a little hard surface. As soon as the auger “feels” the earth, the machine begins to be torn to the side and shaken. The second minus is the extremely low speed at high energy costs. It was the impossibility of the existence of the auger as an independent transport unit that did not allow such all-terrain vehicles to receive proper distribution. In that extremely narrow segment, where you can’t do without them, they simply do it: they bring a screwdriver in the back of another car and lower it into the water or dirt.


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