8 off-road US armored cars: to replace the "Hammer"

First two words about HMMWV . This stands for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, or colloquially called Humvee. Its development began in 1979, and already in 1981 the army signed a contract with AM General, although only the first version of the prototype was ready. In thirty years, 281, 000 Humvees were built, and not to mention the civic development of the model - the famous Hammer. Humvee exists in more than a hundred versions and is in service with 76 countries of the world (!) - this is the most successful army SUV of all time. But his time is still running out.

Modification of the M1114GR HMMWV of the Greek army, armed with the Russian Cornet ATGM.

International FTTS UV Concept . An early attempt by Navistar International, based on the idea of ​​quick-detachable combat or any other modules on a universal platform. It was tested in 2006 and did not enter the final round.

BAE Systems Valanx JLTVH . One of the cars that went into the final phase and lost the tender due to difficulties in production - according to the performance characteristics, it was one of the best. BAE Systems did not rely on the absolute versatility of the platform, but on crew safety.

General Tactical Vehicles JLTV Eagle Another finalist. The car is pretty much similar to the "Humvee" in layout and qualities - and lost precisely because of this. The military did not want to see an improved classic, but a fundamentally new approach.

Lockheed Martin JLTV . Until the last moment, the brainchild of Lockheed Martin was the leader of the "standings". The company introduced a whole family of cars for various purposes, which became "semi-finalists." When Oshkosh was declared the winner, the company filed a protest, then another - in general, Lockheed Martin's departure from the scene was decently clouded by dirt and scandals. In fact, the reason for the loss lay in the weak versatility regarding the installation of weapons. You can install a 12.7-mm or 7.62-mm machine gun on the machine, as well as the AGM-114 Hellfire system. And, basically, that's it.

AM General BRV-O . Of course, AM General tried to repeat her success 30 years ago. In August 2012, the car was among the three leaders along with Lockheed Martin and Oshkosh, although the company's approach was similar to the General Tactical Vehicles approach: take the classic Humvee and improve all its characteristics without inventing anything new.

International MaxxPro MRAP . This is an armored personnel carrier that was developed by International not at all for this contest. In 2007, its production began, and at the moment more than 9, 000 cars have been made. What is he doing here? The fact is that in a number of army units it was decided to replace the Humvee before the end of the tender - it was MaxxPro that turned out to be the closest in terms of parameters and production machine.

Oshkosh L-ATV, winner of the competition, announced at the end of 2015. From now on, for the next 20–30 years, this car will replace the usual “cinematography” and “news” movie. To date, in just a year, the number of Oshkoshis of various modifications has already exceeded 50, 000 copies, the replacement is in full swing.

P.S. Hawkei PMV . The analogue of the Humvee in the Australian army was the Land Rover Perentie. In parallel with the US program, a tender was launched in Australia to replace the obsolete Land Rover, and in the same 2015, Hawkei PMV was declared the winner. Just synchronous stories, so we decided to bring this car here.


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