8 Iranian cars: not only Samand

For some time Samand cars went for export to Europe and Russia, which generally opened for us the existence of car plants in Persia. Nevertheless, in addition to Samanda, there are other brands that are widely diverging within the country and abroad.

Actually, Samand is a trademark used by Iran Khodro Corporation. It was founded in 1962 and produces cars to this day, being the leader of this industry in Iran. Peugeot, Renault and Suzuki are also assembled at Iran Khodro factories. Samand, Runna, Dena and Arisun are manufactured under IKCO's own brand. Pictured is IKCO Samand LX.

Saipa, another large Iranian corporation, is also based in Tehran and was founded in 1966. Until 2000, she specialized in import and assembly, but then launched a line of its own models. Pictured is Saipa Tiba (2009).

Bahman was originally founded as a licensed production of Mazda. Today, besides Mazda, Isuzu and FAW are assembled at Bahman factories, as well as cars under its own brand. Pictured here is the 2017 Bahman Capra Pickup.

For many years, the most massive car in Iran was Paykan, an already liquidated Iran Khodro brand. Paykan was a licensed copy of Hillman Hunter and was produced almost unchanged from 1967 to 1992.

Zamyad is a company specializing in the assembly and licensed production of Volvo trucks since 1963. In the 1990s, a license was purchased for the production of Nissan Junior, a small truck manufactured in Japan from the late fifties to the early eighties. It is called the Zamyad Z24 and is still in production.

Kish Khodro has been manufacturing cars using Renault components since 1995. The picture shows the model Kish Sinad II (2004).

Modiran Vehicle Manufacturing Company (MVM) under its brand produces licensed Chery, Daewoo and so on. The illustration shows the model MVM 110.

Pars Khodro, founded in 1967 under its own brand, produces cars of various foreign companies. In the picture - Pars H320 (aka Chinese Brilliance H320).


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