7 modern songs about Gagarin: space rock

1. “Underwood”, “Gagarin, I loved you” (album “Everything will pass, dear”, 2002). A cult song from the debut album of the Simferopol-Moscow rock band, formed in 1995, is still heard on various radio stations. And, it seems, there is no person who has not heard her at least once.

2. Julia Teunikova & SOUNDRUSSIA, “Gagarin is Alive” (album “Russian Tales”, 2017). With this song in the guitar version, Julia Teunikova became the laureate of the Grushinsky festival in 2014, and two years later an amazing clip appeared, shot live with a single take. And finally, in 2017, the song was released on disk. Gagarin is alive.

3. “Earring”, “Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin” (album “Children's Heart”, 2011). Well, it's almost a classic: Sergey Galanin was still a member of the cult "Brigade S", and in 1994 he assembled his own group. The song “Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin” is autobiographical, about Galanin’s personal attitude to Gagarin, very sincere.

4. “Unwriter”, “I am the Cosmos” (album “Sometimes Ships, 2009). In 2010, the band "Neboslov" held a beautiful rally, recording the song "I am Cosmos" by the forces of both musician friends and ordinary fans of the group. 20 people sing a song, and it turns out very, very cool.

5. “Vopli Vidoplyasova”, “Jura” (album “Music”, 1997). Classics of Ukrainian rock also did not ignore the first cosmonaut, having recorded a good song not about Yuri, not about Yuri Alekseevich, but simply about Yura.

6. "Neuro Dubel", "Gagarin" (album "Cruel suicide with a universal cut of Berner", 1996). The harsh tango of the harsh Belarusian punks was their first song on which the video was shot. In the story, “Gagarin” rhymes a little with the song “Underwood”, but the Belarusians showed their love for Gagarin a few years earlier.

7. Mika Newton, “Gagarin” (album “Anomaly”, 2005). The rhythmic rock composition from the debut album became one of Mickey Newton's hits. Then her career went uphill, in 2011 she performed from Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest, but after emigrating in 2013 to the USA she became almost invisible on the music front. But the song remained.


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