7 cars with a design VAZ-2101

Fiat 124 began to be produced in 1966, had a number of different modifications, became the "Car of the Year" in 1967, and in 1974 it was removed from the assembly line. During this time, the license and documentation for the production of the model were sold to a dozen different countries and factories - not only the USSR, but also India, Turkey, Spain and so on.

Fiat 124 (Italy, 1966). Base model It was produced until 1974, had versions of a station wagon, a sports coupe and a convertible (with a radically different body), 5 engine varieties, was produced, in addition to Italy, in Morocco and Malaysia.

VAZ-2101 "Lada" (USSR, 1970). The most famous licensed version. Subsequently, it had many modifications and revised versions, numbered from 2102 (with a station wagon) to 2107, released in 1982. The last "vazo-fiats" left the assembly line in 2014 in Egypt; in addition, they gathered in Ukraine after the collapse of the Union. It was the most massive Soviet car, the total number of modifications and versions exceeded a hundred.

Seat 124 (Spain, 1968). The model was produced at the Seat as a result of close cooperation with Fiat until 1980, had two modifications - a sedan and a station wagon, as well as a number of special versions, for example, a police one (only about fifteen). Also had a facelift version - model Seat 1430.

Premier 118NE (India, 1985). The latest licensed version to appear. The Indian Premier had already collaborated with Fiat, producing its version of the Fiat 1100. In 1981, they reached an agreement on the acquisition of rights to the already 124-chassis, started production four years later and produced it until 2001.

Tofaş Murat 124 (Turkey, 1971). The licensed production of the 124th in Turkey continued until 1977 under the name Murat 124, then - after the facelift - until 1994 under the name Tofaş Serşe.

Fiat-KIA 124 (South Korea, 1970). In Korea, Fiat was not produced for long, from 1970 to 1975, and made only about 7, 000 cars. At that time, KIA made only licensed cars (like the entire Korean industry); Hyundai Pony, introduced just in 1975, became the first Korean model of its own.

Pirin-Fiat 124 (Bulgaria, 1967). In 1967, Fiat entered into a cooperation agreement with the Bulgarian SPC Balkankar and organized the production of the Fiat 850 and 124 under the Pirin-Fiat brand. In just five years, they made 309 copies - 274 sedans and 35 station wagons, after which production was turned off as not having commercial use. Today, Pirin-Fiats are rare and valued by collectors.


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