6 science fiction TV shows worth watching


The National Geographic project, each episode of which is made in the form of a documentary from the near future. The story of the first manned mission to Mars, starting in 2033. On air since 2017, two seasons, IMDB rating - 7.5.

Man of the Future (Future Man)

A simple janitor spends nights flying to win an impassable game. He becomes the first to succeed, and he is immediately visited by the heroes of this game to recruit into the defenders of humanity. What could go wrong? The starring star of the Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson, accompanies him, familiar with the latest seasons of the Clinic, Eliza Coop. It has been released since 2017, two seasons, the IMDB rating is 7.9.

Double (Counterpart)

For thirty years in a row, Howard has been an ordinary employee in the gloomy building of the UN-led organization in Berlin. Nothing portends trouble until one morning he discovers that instead of him, his counterpart from parallel reality came to work. It turned out that during the Cold War the world was divided in two, not only in the political sense, but also cosmologically, and the office in which the protagonist works is something like customs. Great cast included. On the screen since 2017, there are translations: “On the other side”, “Reverse side”, “Counterworld”. Two seasons, IMDB rating - 8.1.

Space (The Expanse)

The action takes place 200 years from today, when part of the solar system is colonized, and Earth and Mars are fighting for influence over the asteroid belt. The story begins with a seemingly insignificant cross-border incident. Action, intrigue, the struggle for freedom - a fantastic environment, as is often the case in really good films, is used here as a contrasting background. It has been released since 2015, four seasons, IMDB rating - 8.4.

Orville (The Orville)

A parody of the Star Trek movie universe from the creator of the animated series The Family Guy. Humor is “on the edge”, but this is not emphasized. The second season is noticeably better than the first. A good option for easy viewing with the goal of just relaxing. Filmed in 2017, two seasons, IMDB rating - 7.9.


In the distant future, civilization is on the verge of extinction, and several special agents are returning in our time to fix it. They inhabit random people at a time when they must die. They work undercover among ordinary people and adhere to strict rules so that they are not disclosed, and the required course of events was not violated. On the screen since 2016, three seasons, IMDB rating - 8.1.

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