5 tractors from Porsche and Lamborghini

Lamborghini . Ferruccio Lamborghini founded the company for the production of tractors and other agricultural equipment in 1948. Lamborghini Trattori exists to this day and is one of the leading European tractor builders. And in 1963, it occurred to Lamborghini that his technical base would allow him to create a sports car that could compete with Ferrari - and he was not mistaken. In principle, the production of tractors and sports cars, although they belonged to one person, almost never intersected, and in 1973 Ferruccio sold the tractor company to one buyer and the car company to another, as a result, today there is no connection between them except the historical logo and brand. In total, the company has 18 lines of tractors (more than 80 models in total). Pictured is the Lamborghini Spark 190 serial universal tractor.

Porsche The Porsche tractor manufacturing division - Porsche-Diesel Motorenbau - existed from 1950 to 1963 due to the rapid development of German agriculture in those years. Over the years, more than 40 tractor models of a wide variety of form factors in classic red have been presented. It is worth noting that tractor production was formed almost simultaneously with automobile production, and at first it was not very clear which direction would become prevailing in the future history of the company. Pictured is the Porsche-Diesel Standard 217 tractor (1960).

Mercedes-Benz Back in the 1920s, before the merger, Benz and Daimler built their own tractors. Then, in 1951, the company “absorbed” the small Austrian company Unimog, which produced universal agricultural trucks. Finally, in 1973, the company returned to the production of tractors, using Unimogi as a base, under the MB trac brand, and manufactured them until 1991, after which it sold the production to Werner (now the brand is known as WF trac). The picture shows one of the production models of the Mercedes-Benz trac 700 S (1975).

Volvo Volvo's construction equipment division appeared long before the start of car manufacturing in 1832, and the brand’s first tractor appeared in 1913, 14 years before the first car. Since then, Volvo has been a constant manufacturer of tractors and construction equipment in various fields. This division is called Volvo Construction Equipment and operates separately from the automotive. The company's most famous agricultural tractor was the BM25 model, created in 1934, but today Volvo no longer builds agricultural machinery, and in the range there are only numerous tractors and industrial loaders. The picture shows a classic of the genre, the Volvo L45H loader.

Ford For many years, Ford has been one of the leading tractor builders in the world. In 1917, she built tractors under the Fordson brand, and since 1939, under the Ford brand. In 1964 both brands “merged” under the general name Ford, and in 1986 the company acquired the New Holland brand to expand its agricultural production. In 1991, all Ford’s agricultural assets were sold to Fiat, and by 1999 the Ford brand was completely liquidated (the first years of Fiat “by inertia” produced tractors under the Ford brand). The picture shows a classic, 1939 Ford 9N model.


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