5 largest castles in the world: part 2

The Hohensalzburg Fortress, which is located in the Austrian city of Salzburg, is one of the largest and best preserved European castles. It was built in the XI century (1077), and at the turn of the XIV - XV centuries it grew significantly, and in this form has survived to this day. Its area is 54.523 square meters.

Windsor Castle is the largest castle in England. It is believed that today it is also the largest of the inhabited castles - it belongs to Queen Elizabeth, who often uses it as a residence for social events and just a place to relax. Its area is 54.835 square meters.

Prague Castle was built back in the 9th century and was built several times over several centuries. In its walls, at one time, were the residence of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, kings and presidents of the Czech Republic. From the inside, it resembles a small city, so its inspection will take a lot of time. Its area is 66.761 square meters.

Fort Mehrangarh, although it bears the official name "fort", is more like a castle. It rises above the city of Jodhpur, India, standing on top of a huge 122-meter hill. It was built in 1459, but, as it usually happens, the bulk of the buildings that have survived to this day belong to a much later period - around the 17th century. Its area is 81.227 square meters.

Marienburg Castle was built in the 13th century and still holds the title of the largest castle in the world! It was founded by the Teutonic Order, which needed a well-fortified territory management point in the north of the Baltic. Since the order grew and became rich every year, its residence also grew. Currently, the area of ​​the castle is as much as 143.591 square meters.

In these castles it was possible to shelter a huge army or the population of an entire city in the event of a sudden attack. In peacetime, they most often served as residences of monarchs and influential organizations, and even now many of them are used in this capacity. Of course, the content of such a building flies a pretty penny to the city budget, but many tourists flock from every corner of the globe every day to look at the giants of past eras.

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