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Petersburg wings of America

During the years of the Civil War, many aviation specialists left Russia: scientists, designers, engineers, pilots. Most of the emigrant aviators were St. Petersburg. Especially great success immigrant aviators have achieved on American soil.

For many years their names were forgotten, and their contribution to world aviation was not properly appreciated. The book Petersburg Wings of America tells about the fate of Petersburgers who were forced to leave their homeland and seek happiness beyond the ocean in the field of the aviation industry. The book is based on a deep study of domestic and foreign archives, is well illustrated, written in an easy and accessible language.

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Nine hundred hours of heaven. The unknown story of the airship "USSR-V6"

In the evening of one of the February days of 1938, a huge torch illuminated the snowy slopes of low mountains west of Kandalaksha. In a matter of minutes, a fire destroyed the best airship of the Union - “SSS R-V6 Osoaviahim”

Patriarch of Small Aviation: An-2 "Corn"

Airship historian Alexei Belokrys puts forward a version based on various sources, including dozens of archival documents, many of which were declassified only recently and put into circulation for the first time.

The book does not confine itself to the polar tragedy, but tells about the events that preceded the construction of the airship, about its place in the overall picture of domestic aeronautics, covering the period from the beginning of the twentieth century until the cessation of construction of air ships in 1940.

Here is a kind of history of airship in our country, set out in an accessible form, with many facts and interesting details.

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The first space race: the duel for the satellite

In October 1957, thousands of people all over the world took to the streets at sunset or before dawn to watch the First Satellite in the sky. Few knew that it was usually not the apparatus itself that saw it, but the second stage of the R-7 rocket, which ended up in orbit with the object launched by it. The real heroes of the beginning of the Space Age were not satellites, but launch vehicles - without them the triumphs of the first space flights were impossible. The book "The first space race: a duel for a satellite" tells about the formation and development of long-range ballistic missiles and launch vehicles of the first artificial Earth satellites, about the initial stage of an ambitious rivalry between the USSR and the USA in the field of space exploration, which arose in 1957 as a side effect of the cold war. The publication is addressed to a wide circle of readers, primarily interested in the history of domestic and world rocket and space technology, but the main emphasis is on young people who are beginning to get acquainted with astronautics and have a common initial training in this area. The book is supplemented by a large number of illustrations and graphic schemes, many of which are made specifically for this publication.

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To the transcendental depths. High altitude flight history

This book is the result of a unique study of the development of high-altitude flights - one of the most exciting and, at the same time, little-known pages in the history of aviation. The author has collected and comprehensively analyzed extensive material relating to the development of work in the field of high-altitude flights - from the first bold ascents of balloonists of the XVIII century. before the start of operation in 1940 of specialized high-altitude aircraft, which largely determined the current appearance of aviation. For the first time, a complete picture is drawn up that allows using the presented material as a basis for further research on the history of science and technology. The book contains both elements of historical and technical analysis, and pays attention to the most fascinating episodes, which may be of interest not only to historians of aviation, aeronautics and other technical specialists, but also to a wide circle of readers.

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Says the commander of the ship. Questions, answers and observations of an experienced pilot

Are you still looking for the most “safe” places on the plane? .Do you naively think that if the plane has already landed, then the hardest thing behind? .You also sometimes wonder what makes it difficult to replace all pilots with automated mechanisms? .Also, would you like to know who sets the prices for tickets, what special skills train pilots, what is turbulence and what secrets do airports keep? .Patrick Smith, a curious civilian pilot who has flown around the earth more than 1000 times, the author of the popular Ask the Pilot blog, has revealed all the secrets. The whole "theater of air travel" in one book! But please, do not take her with you on a flight.

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