5 best murder weapons from Game of Thrones: a song of blood and steel

As befits a good fantasy, on the pages of the Song of Ice and Fire, a weapon often possesses no less personal data than a living person. The blades of the ruling Houses, the supernatural weapons of the living dead and simply beautiful military "toys" - they all conceal a story full of blood and cruelty.

Ice - A huge broad-edged broadsword made of the legendary Valyrian steel was transmitted from generation to generation in the Starks house. It was forged in Valiria 400 years before the events of the Game of Thrones, but the name of the blade is even more ancient: it was worn by a sword that the Starks owned back in the Age of Heroes. The sword itself is too massive for hostilities, and therefore it serves to administer justice, including death sentences

Faithful to the Oath and Widow's Lament - the swords of the Lannister House. The material for them was Valerian steel, which remained during the remelting of Ice, the Stark family sword. Master Tobho Mott forged two blades, richly adorning the hilt of swords with semiprecious stones. One, wider and longer, became the property of Jaime Lannister, who later gave it to Brienne Tarte. Another was given by Tywin to his grandson Joffrey Baratheon

King Joffrey's favorite crossbow, richly decorated with gold wire ornaments

The Spear of the White Walker is made of an unknown material resembling gray ice, has supernatural properties and easily destroys any metal that it comes into contact with. Only obsidian (volcanic, or "dragon" glass), as well as Valyrian steel can resist it. The White Walkers, powerful sorcerers who lead the army of the living dead, fight with this weapon.

Prince Oberyn Martell, nicknamed the Red Serpent, is the younger brother of the current ruler of Dorn, an inveterate duelist and poisoner. A serpent encircles his spear, symbolizing the prince’s "signature" Dornish character, as well as the poison with which he covers the blade of his weapon. Just a small scratch is enough for the enemy to soon die from the poison


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