4 ways to shoot a drone: for those who are tired of drones

Any technology in itself bears neither good nor evil: everything is determined by how to use it. UAVs can deliver pizza, assess the condition of pipelines and report from the mouth of an active volcano, but they can also help spy on someone else's personal life, transfer weapons and drugs, and terrorists even make these air creatures carry explosives. In all these cases, they should be stopped - and the good, having acquired fists, has found several effective ways to disable intruder drones. There are four key options in our review.

Radio Interception: Battelle DroneDefender

A narrowly oriented antenna is capable of operating at ISM frequencies, which are used to transmit radio signals, global navigation data and satellite communications. A 30-degree cone diverging from it replaces GPS signals and intercepts control of the device at a distance of up to 400 m. It remains to add that the system has not been certified by the Federal Communications Commission and is not allowed for sale and use in the United States.

Network Shooting: SkyWall 100

GM will help the US military make an unmanned submarine

Developed by engineers from the British company OpenWorks Engineering, airguns look like a bazooka, but they shoot with a light and durable net with a small parachute. Confusing, it blocks the work of the drone, and the dome gently lowers it to the ground for investigative measures. It seems that getting into a fast-moving, maneuverable target (and the declared effective working distance is up to 100 m) is not so simple, but the developers claim that the “smart” guidance system itself will estimate the distance to the drone and its speed, helping the shooter. Well, if the shell still passed by, it would take only 8 seconds to reload.

Catching in the Air: Excipio Net Drone

Developers from Theiss UAV Solutions found a more delicate approach to using the network: their idea is to use a drone that intercepts the intruder and throws his “web” on it - and the victim will collapse with a stone to the ground. If you need to save the device, it can remain on a leash, and the catcher will deliver it to the base. By the way, the creators of the device are working on new and new versions that are adapted for catching cars, animals and just people.

On live bait: eagles

In early 2016, the Dutch police took up the problem of eliminating dangerous drones. They approached the matter from the original side, not complicating themselves with the development of new air predators, but by training ready-made hunting masters in flight - eagles. Strong birds are trained to intercept drones with their feet and deliver them to the ground.

Bonus: Spear

Perhaps not the most effective, but the most effective way to neutralize a hostile drone was demonstrated in May by one of the participants in the historical festival Rusborg 2016. A curious incident went around news feeds around the world - and inspired the organization of a separate event: in the summer near Novosibirsk, the first competitions were held, the participants of which demonstrated the skill of destroying drones with arrows and throwing spears.

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