14 legendary soviet strollers

Everyone remembers Operation Y, where the hero of Morgunov drove a C-3A motorbike. The younger generation found the S-3D model, creepy chopped forms and usually popping all over the street. Such cars were issued free of charge to people with disabilities for a period of 5 years. After 2.5 years, it was possible to carry out a free repair, and after another 2.5 - to replace the machine with a new one. And “disabled women” of all generations were built at the Serpukhov motorcycle plant.


SMZ S-1L (1952−1956). The very first Soviet motorcycle stroller. In addition to the basic version, there was a modification of the SMZ S-3L with a more powerful IZH-49 engine (produced from 1956 to 1958).

SMZ S-2L (1955). An experimental version of the S-1L “redesign”, of serial production, was never seen. In addition to the S-1L, S-2L and S-3L, there were versions of the C-1L-OL and C-1L-O for controlling one left and one right hand.

SMZ S-1L (1951, prototype). And this is the first prototype assembled in 1951.

SMZ S-1L (1951, prototype). Another experimental version of the first motorcycle, with two headlights.

SMZ S-1L (1951, prototype). The most pleasant-looking prototype, it is a pity that it didn’t go into the series as a result.

SMZ S-3A (1958−1962). The second generation of wheelchairs. In fact, it was a four-wheeled modification of the S-3L. It was this car that starred in Operation Y.

SMZ S-3A (1957, prototype). The first prototype of the second generation, the only copy. However, the SMZ S-3A also had serial modifications of S-3AB with rack-and-window glazing, a slightly modernized S-3AM and S-3B to control people with disabilities with one arm and leg.

SMZ S-4A (1959). The prototype S-3A with a hard roof did not get into the series.

SMZ S-4B (1960). Closed box mega wheelchair. The series also did not go, but at least, unlike its predecessors, had a semblance of design.

SMZ-NAMI-086 Sputnik (1962). Further development of the prototype S-4B, the development of the NAMI bureau, which could become the next generation of the “invalid”. But we remember what we eventually preferred.

This is also based on the S-3A. Experimental truck.

S-3D (1970-1997). Third generation strollers. The most monstrous of all, but at least with a roof.

Shustrik (1964), all-terrain vehicle, the first prototype S-3D. Designers Eduard Molchanov and Eric Szabo developed it.


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