12 snowmobiles produced in Russia: driving in the snow

"Patrol" (Saratov). A company that produces very nice and fast amphibian snowmobiles for all occasions. The picture shows a 4-door modification.

Also a 4-door modification, but elongated.

And, finally, the most unusual model of the company is the Patrol amphibian.

"Nerpa" (Kemerovo). A large and serious manufacturer with more than a dozen different snowmobiles in the line. Pictured is the Nerpa 650, a powerful base model suitable for hunting, fishing, rescue and military purposes.

Another of the line is the cargo model "Nerpa 204.221". 300 hp, modular body, suspension suspension. True, the design of the "Patrol" is losing.

"Peacekeeper" (Irkutsk). A young company, in the line for now - one pretty nice model with a powerful 285-horsepower “engine” Toyota 1UZ-FE VVTI.

Snowjeep (Bratsk). A company that produces several models of propeller driven equipment - an aerobot, a glider and, of course, a snowmobile - small, medium power (135 hp)

Korsak (Kostanay). This is not a serial model, but of amazing quality and performance, a home-made machine, built by craftsman Yuri Miroshnikov in 2013.

STEP (Shuya). The Shui aviation group is building amphibian snowmobiles for all occasions, high-quality and large. The picture shows the STEP model with a cabin.

It is interesting that engineer Sergey Sergeevich Nezhdanovsky built the first snowmobile accidentally - he just needed a mobile stand to test the new configuration of the aircraft propeller. And off we go.

The material refers to snowmobiles and airplanes: “Patrol” (Saratov) “Nerpa” (Kemerovo) “Ambler” (Irkutsk) Snowjeep (Bratsk) STEP (Shuya)


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