11 Russian motorcycles: choose ours!

Many aspiring motorcyclists, trying to save money, opt for inexpensive Indian and Chinese motorcycles, while there are a number of modern Russian brands that are worth paying attention to. Perhaps you will like the domestic motorcycle much more!

Irbis (Black, MO). The company was founded by a group of entrepreneurs from Vladivostok in 2001 and is now based in the village of Chernoye, Moscow Region. The Irbis range includes road and sports motorcycles of all classes, snowmobiles, ATVs, motorized towing, and I must say that at least outwardly the Irbis are sometimes even cooler than their foreign counterparts. Pictured here is the 250-cc road model of Irbis Garpia.

The Urals (Irbit). An absolute legend born in 1941, one of the few Soviet motorcycle factories that survived the collapse of the USSR and the dashing 90s. Today, the Urals produces heavy motorcycles with a sidecar, mainly for export, in a classic retro style. The picture shows the Ural Tourist T model of the 2016 model year.

ABM (St. Petersburg). The company was founded in 1996 and for some time worked exclusively as a dealer of foreign manufacturers, now it makes the whole gamut of motor vehicles, including light motorcycles and mopeds under its own brand. Pictured here is the ABM Jazz 125, a good (and very inexpensive) thing for the first bike.

Stels (Lyubertsy). Well, where without Velomotors. We have already demonstrated their ATVs, their snowmobiles, and now motorcycles. In the picture is the Stels Flex 250 model, and in total in the Stels range there are more than 15 motorcycles of various purposes.

Armada (Moscow). This company does not build road bikes, but specializes in pit bikes, light motorcycles suitable for supermotos or motocross. The picture shows the company's most powerful model, Armada PB250.

ZiD (Carpet). The plant named after Degtyarev still makes motorcycles, though, basically, it is an assembly plant of the Chinese Lifan. But there are also in the gamut our own developments, for example, of the coolest appearance and the same cross-country ability, the off-road tricycle ZiD Barkhan.

Avantis (St. Petersburg). The company was founded in 2009 and is mainly engaged in the supply of imported motor vehicles. Among the products under our own brand there are several lightweight pit bikes. Pictured is Avantis Orion 125.

Baltmotors (Kaliningrad). In the gamut of this company, founded in 2004, ATVs, motorcycles, motorized dogs, inflatable boats and so on. Motorcycles, by the way, for all occasions, in the line of more than 10 models. Pictured is Baltmotors Street 200 DD.

"Tarus" (Kaluga). Of course, the Kaluga masters who developed and produce the ultralight all-terrain vehicle “Tarus 2x2” (we already talked about it). The motorcycle weighs 82 kg and can pass on any off-road.

Lebedev Motors (St. Petersburg). The company was founded in 2008 and produces all kinds of, mainly tracked, all-terrain vehicles. The range of products includes two-wheeled ATVs of the Ataman line. The picture shows the Ataman MAD MAX model, which is also suitable for use on public roads.

"Vasyugan" (Novosibirsk). Very powerful all-terrain vehicle, the only model of the company of the same name. Web users say: "The beast-machine, it will pass everywhere."

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