11 ridiculous inventions of the 20th century that now seem wild

Breast massager wash, 1930

Medicine says yes! You can keep your breasts in the same state, even after giving birth. Here is a serious and simple solution to this problem. All women are now simply obliged to buy HIS for themselves - a breast massager.

Whiskey Toothpaste

Toothpaste manufacturers suggest enjoying oral hygiene instead of resisting it. Choose: scotch tape or bourbon.

Device for creating dimples on the cheeks, 1936

We don’t know if it hurt or not, the main thing is to remove this thing from the face if guests come.

Insulator, 1925

Signature: “The author at work carries out his research thanks to the Insulator. The noise is absorbed from the outside by the device, and the worker can fully concentrate on the subject of study. ”

Egg squaring device

If you suddenly want to make square eggs out of ordinary eggs, you will need this thing. By the way, it cannot be said that the invention did not take root; it can still be bought in online stores.

Micrometer of Beauty, 1937

We apply science makeup! The main thing is not to accidentally jerk.

Ice mask against a hangover, 1947

Hollywood actresses, apparently, were also not alien to simple human joys. The mask from Max Factor promised the ladies a pleasant cooling and skin color improvement.

Revolver who takes pictures before shot, 1938

This is what we understand: “stop, a moment!”. Although it is unlikely that these photos can be put on the mantelpiece.


The nylon nozzle was necessary for secretaries and telephone operators, who had to turn the telephone disk for several hours every day. Fingers tired, manicure deteriorated - and here is the solution!

The machine that scared the mice

The device in the shape of a cat's head meowed and scared rodents. How successful - we do not know.

Tanning vending machine, 1930

For just 10 cents, the ladies could tan themselves on the street!

Material was first published in Cosmopolitan


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