11 best photos under the microscope

The 11 best shots made under the microscopes are a tiny artificial liver, a network of neurons, stem cells at work, and much more.

2011 CEB Reas and Ben Fry Behavior of cells is regulated by proteins that perform work and transmit information through complex channels. In cancer cells, the transmission of information is disordered. In this image, each element is a conditional image of cellular information channels, and the image as a whole shows their distortion in the cancer cell. Each arc is a signal that one protein sends to another.

Daniel H. Miller, Dexter X. Jin, Piyush B. Gupta Breast cells. Rounded elements are responsible for the production of milk.

Asha K. Patel, Daniel G. Anderson, Robert S. Langer, Morgan R. Alexander, Chris N. Denning, Martyn C. Davies This image shows how heart muscle cells (fibrous) and stem cells (with dots) respond to different synthetic materials. After testing, the most successful materials will be used in medicine.

Alexandre Albanese, Jeffrey Wyckoff, Sangeeta Bhatia Three clusters of cancer cells (white-blue dots), implanted in a three-dimensional matrix of protein threads (white stripes). On such small tumors, the behavior of cancer cells and metastases are studied.

Chelsea Fortin, Kelly Stevens, Christopher Chen, Sangeeta Bhatia This picture shows an artificial “mini-liver”: cells (orange color) are rebuilt and grow after damage, using blood to grow.

Jatin Roper, Tuomas Tammela, Omer Yilmaz Organoids are artificially grown organs transplanted onto the intestinal wall.

Ali Roghanian, Sonya James, Gessa Sugiyarto, Mark Cragg, Jianzhu Chen Human cells - macrophages (blue) captured tumor cells (orange), which were previously labeled with antibodies that serve as immune signs to immune cells. Scientists are working to fix antibodies on cancer cells.

Jonathan K. Tsosie, Omar F. Khan, Daniel G. Anderson, Robert S. Langer Metal microprobe. The bends of golden threads seem random, but in fact they have a fractal structure. These small circuit boards are designed to maintain muscle activity while regenerating damaged nerve cells.

Russell McConnell, Frank Gertler Axons are long tentacles of nerve cells.

S? Lvia A Ferreira, Cristina Lopo, Eileen Gentleman The stem cell was frozen in a hydrogel matrix that mimics the spatial structure of the bone marrow.


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