Up to 100 km / h in 2 s: the Japanese are preparing a very fast and expensive car

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The Japanese sports car once again proved that with the advent of electric vehicles, the global auto industry is undergoing a kind of “reset”, thanks to which success in the automotive field is now able to achieve not only the companies that play second or third roles, but also companies that previously had no cars at all relations. Proof of this thesis is the Japanese company Aspark, which until recently was ... a recruiting agency! The first electric vehicle was developed by Aspark less than four years ago, and initially only four engineers took part in the project.

And now the electric hypercar Aspark Owl has become unrecognized, but quite a “king of speed”, showing such dynamics that Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Bugatti, Koenigsegg and other grandees of sports construction can only dream of. It is worth noting that this hypercar was born, in general, by accident. Just because the director of Aspark, Masato Yoshida, had the idea of ​​developing and launching an electric car that could “leave” in two seconds. Someone will call it a whim, someone exorbitantly inflated ambition, but the fact remains - on February 11, on the highway in the city of Kanuma, Aspark Owl overcame the first hundred in 1.921 seconds.

It is also worth noting that the Aspark Owl is not a racing electric car, but will receive a certificate for use on public roads. What makes his record unique doubly, because not one of the "civilian" supercars so far has even come close to such an indicator. Unfortunately, Masato Yoshida has not yet revealed all the characteristics of his brainchild. It is only known that the machine is equipped with two electric motors with a total capacity of more than 1000 hp.

It was also reported that the all-wheel drive “Owl” (as the name Owl is translated) has a fully carbon-fiber body, the mass of which does not exceed 850 kg. A total of fifty copies of the Aspark Owl will be made, each of which will receive a fantastic price tag ... at 460 million yen or 247 million Russian rubles! The car will be on sale next year. Moreover, it is possible that the serial hypercar will be faster than the prototype, as Masato Yoshida promised to continue improving his “speed king”.

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