10 unusual sexual animal rituals

Bonobo, or pygmy chimpanzees (lat. Pan paniscus) . One of the few species of animals that enjoy sex and therefore devote considerable time to it. Sex for bonobos is not only reproduction, but also a way of resolving conflicts (they can end a fight), greeting (analogous to a handshake) and even solving the question of who gets the most food. That would be so.

Frigates (lat. Fregata) . To greet the female and attract her to sex, frigates inflate a huge red goiter on the throat. This helps the female to notice the interested male from afar. By the size of the goiter, the prevailing male is also selected.

Honey bee (lat.Apis mellifera) . For honey bees, sex is a suicidal mission. The genitals of the male remain inside the female, and the male dies.

Pot-bellied tick (lat.Pyemotes ventricosus) . These small and rather unpleasant insects that cause human scabies in humans are essentially sexual barbarians. They do not have the instinct of separation between the sexes, and they simply pounce on everything that moves and that remotely resembles a tick, copulating, including with brothers and sisters, as well as with inanimate objects.

Big panda (lat.Ailuropoda melanoleuca) . These touching bamboo bears are known for the fact that they practically do not breed in captivity, and in freedom they are not very active sexually, which is why they are constant heroes of the Red Book. So, in Chinese zoos, in order to stimulate pandas to reproduce, they are shown videos of pandas copulations, that is ... pornography.

Spotted Hyena (lat.Crocuta crocuta) . Females and males of striped hyenas have almost the same structure of the genitals - females also have a penis, only reduced in size and located in something like a bag-holster. The combination of hyenas looks like a homosexual intercourse, although in fact it is this species that practically does not practice such “entertainment”, unlike many brothers.

Common garter snake (lat.Thamnophis sirtalis) . This species of snake breeds with the help of mass orgies. Moreover, they are quite peculiar - males bulk on a single female exuding pheromones, and in turn "get" to her. To establish paternity in such a situation, if that is impossible.

Dolphins (lat. Delphinidae) . These cute creatures are almost obsessed with sex. Well-known videos on youtube, where dolphins try to have sex with people, is due to the fact that if there is no female nearby, the dolphin cannot but satisfy his needs with any more or less suitable object.

Clown fish, or amphiprions (lat. Amphiprion) . Famous aquarium fish can change their gender if necessary. This is a way of survival - fish can breed even in a community in which only males or only females are present.

Grape snail (lat.Helix pomatia) . Snails are hermaphrodites, and behind their eyes hides something like a dart charged with sperm. During copulation, two snails can simultaneously “shoot” this dart at a partner - both individuals will become pregnant.


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