10 unique ZIL prototypes

ZIL-111 "Moscow" (1956) . The first project after the renaming of the plant from ZIS to ZIL is the project of a "member truck", a government limousine, due to replace the already obsolete ZIS-110. The design of Moscow was developed by Valentin Rostkov, the ZIS-110 served as a chassis, the car was made in a single copy and did not go into a series.

ZIL E134, “Model No. 2” (1956) . The draft of the military tractor. The 8x8 formula made it possible to provide cross-country ability comparable to caterpillar tractors, and rubber tires to drive on ordinary roads. All were three samples with different bodies, this second one was an amphibian that developed afloat at a speed of up to 6 km / h. Existed in a single copy.

ZIL-129B (1958) . The project of a city bus on the chassis of a tourist ZIL / ZIS-127. Unlike the tourist brother, I did not go into the series.

ZIL-159 (1958) . Another experimental bus, due to replace the ZIL-158 model. He never went into the series, not because of design flaws, but because of bureaucratic delays. It was decided to curtail bus production at ZIL and transfer it to LIAZ.

ZIL E169A (1964) . The first attempt to make a beskapotnik, an alternative to the ZIL-130 project. Machines were developed in parallel, but the 130th won this peculiar tender, ending up in a series. Cabless developments have not been wasted - subsequently it was from the 169th that KamAZ trucks pushed off.

ZIL 3E169A (1969) . Actually, here is the “proto-KamAZ”. The ZIL-170 became the heir to this car, and its production has already been transferred to Naberezhnye Chelny at the new Soviet automobile plant. Which, unlike the "parent", still exists.

ZIS-132S (1964) . An attempt to make an all-terrain vehicle tractor with a highly elastic mover. Cabin taken from ZIL-164. The car was extremely heavy, difficult to control and not justifying itself. They refused further development.

ZIL-135P "Dolphin" (1965) . Military transport amphibian based on ZIL-135K. It was originally planned as a self-propelled pontoon for guiding crossings, then it was transformed into a universal tool like an unarmed infantry fighting vehicle, but in the end it did not go into a series.

ZIL-130G (1970) . The features of this fiberglass cabin recognizes the usual ZIL-130. The car was an attempt to redesign the "classics", but in the end passed the tests during the Karakum rally in 1971 (the picture is just from there) and did not get into the series.

ZIL-4305 "Cheburashka" (1983) . The factory van, which rarely traveled outside the production complex. It was also used to deliver spare parts from remote branches of the plant and to transport special cargoes to the Kremlin. It is interesting that its chassis is from the passenger representative ZIL-4304, and the cabin is from the giant 131st.


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