10 Turkish cars: crescents and stars

In Soviet times, the Turkish brand Tofaş, a direct analogue of the Togliatti VAZ, which produced copies of the Fiat 124. under license, was also more or less known. Otokar buses are also more or less heard - they are even found in Russian cities.

But what else exists in Turkey in the automotive industry?

Since Tofaş was remembered, we’ll start with him. The plant was founded under the license of Fiat in 1968, and in 1970 released the first Tofaş Murat 124 (aka VAZ-2101, as you might guess). Today, the plant abandoned its own brand and exists as an assembly plant of Fiat, as well as Chrysler, Peugeot and several other brands. In the illustration - model Murat 124 release 1974.

Pictured is the Otokar Vectio U bus. The Otokar factory has been the largest Turkish manufacturer of buses and military equipment since 1963.

Devrim is the first Turkish car factory in history. It was founded in 1961 by order of the government, but mass production did not become. The only model was unsuccessful, only a few dozen copies were produced, and a little later another plant was created on the basis of Devrim - Anadol.

Actually, Anadol is now defunct, but once the largest automaker in Turkey. It existed from 1966 to 1991, initially under the Reliant license, but then switched to a model of its own Turkish development. Pictured is the 1976 Anadol SL.

Karsan is a factory founded in 1966 under the license of Peugeot. It produces minibuses under its brand, and also collects similar models of Peugeot, Hyundai, Citroёn, Renault and so on. The picture shows the Karsan J10 (2010).

Etox is a Turkish manufacturer of supercars, founded in 2006. Pictured is the Etox Zafer Coupé.

Diardi is a manufacturer of kit cars, as you might guess, based on the classic Lotus Seven. Exists since 1987.

TEMSA is a major bus manufacturer founded in 1968. Pictured is the TEMSA Tourmalin. Buses of this brand can be found in Russia. Interestingly, the lines for domestic sales and for export at TEMSA are very different - almost without intersections.

BMC is the largest Turkish truck manufacturer. It is interesting that the company was founded in 1964 under a license from British Motor Corporation (BMC), which changed its name in 1966 to British Motor Holdings Limited - and the old abbreviation still remains in the name of the Turkish brand, which has long lost contact with the parent company. In the picture - BMC Fatih 110−08.

Well, a little about the army. The main army concern in Turkey is FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. The picture shows the SYHK floating mobile mobile offensive bridge, aka FNSS Samur, which has been in the arsenal of the country since 2011.


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