10 Soviet pickups

VAZ-2101 "Pickup". These machines were not serial in the full sense of the word and were produced on a residual basis. Defective bodies of models 2101, 2102, 2104, 2105 and 2107. There may have been versions of 2103 and 2106, but copies and photographs have not been preserved. Such pickups were made with the help of a banal circumcision of the rear of the body and were widely used for in-plant needs.

The pickup version based on the VAZ-2104. At state holidays, VAZ provided the city for technical needs with up to 50 pickups at a time.

Intra-factory fire pickup based on the VAZ-2101.

Izh-27151. The legendary passenger-and-freight car, the only Soviet production pickup produced from 1972 to 2001. The main version was the light delivery truck Izh-2715. The machine existed in a number of modifications, with various design of the exterior, interior and technical "stuffing".

Izh-27151−013−01. The export version, originally known as Elite PickUp.

Experienced Izh-6G, the first prototype of Izh-27151.

VAZ-2016 "Tourist" (1976). This is not an in-plant pickup, but an experienced VAZ, which was supposed to be put on a conveyor. It was assumed that a tent will be packed in the back, which can be folded directly from the car. Subsequently, the only instance became one of the ordinary VAZ technicals.

GAZ-415 (1939-1941), a serial pre-war pickup truck based on the "emka". More than 5, 000 such cars were made, but they rarely fell into private hands.

ZAZ-968MP (1990). The serial pickup, which appeared already at the end of the USSR, was produced from 1990 to 1992.

ZAZ-965P. Pickup truck based on the "humpback", designed for in-plant needs. Several of these machines were made on the basis of defective bodies of various ZAZ models.

In-plant pickup based on the Moskvich-407 (circa 1960).

GAZ-4 (1933−1937). The first Soviet pickup based on GAZ-A. Moreover, a cab from a GAZ-AA truck was used. A total of 11, 500 copies were made.

Before the war, two production models of pickups were produced - the GAZ-4 and GAZ-415, after the war there was a big break, and then it all came down to the classic Izh-27151. But there were other models, mostly in-plant, made from defective bodies.


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