10 Soviet bicycles: we are nostalgic for the departed

In fact, every Soviet bicycle factory had some specific “brands”. But some, such as Eaglet, became common and produced at different plants in different union republics.

"Stork". The brand of the Minsk Motor Plant (MMVZ), founded in 1947. Interestingly, MMVZ exists to this day and perfectly produces modern bikes under the same brand - Aist, it is simply located in another country, Belarus.

"Kama". The brand of the Perm Machine-Building Plant (PMZ), which was later called Velta, and now it is the Forward brand, the direct heir to Kama. The plant existed from 1939 to 2006.

"Tourist". Brand of Kharkov Bicycle Plant. The plant was founded in 1923 and exists to this day, producing bicycles "Ukraine", Tiger, Junior and several others.

"Schoolboy". Brand of the Gorky Bicycle Plant, a member of the GAZ association. "Schoolchildren" were intended for school-age children (as the name implies) and were produced from 1956 to 1996. The plant itself has been making bicycles since 1940.

"Ural". Another brand of Perm Engineering Plant (PMZ). But if the “Kama” was a folding bike, then the “Ural” was almost the top of the Soviet bicycle building, a heavy road bike.

"Tachyon". A simple Soviet man knew little about this bike. Tachyon was a brand of the Kharkov Bicycle Plant, under which professional road and track bicycles were made for athletes (from 1981 to 1992).

"Eaglet". An analogue of the Gorky “Schoolchild”, which was only produced at the Minsk Motor Plant, and later also at the Šiauliai Cycle-Motor Plant (ШВМЗ).

"Satellite". Not long produced - only from 1964 to 1968 - a bicycle for adults at the Kharkov Bicycle Plant.

"Moscow-80". The coolest and most legendary Soviet track bike, released in the amount of 52 pieces in 1978-1980, exactly to the Olympics. All work, both design and production, was carried out at the Central Design and Technology Bureau of bicycle construction, and later in Tachyons, based on Moscow-80, began to be made in Kharkov.

“Swallow” - parallel to the “Eaglet” model for girls with a “broken” frame. It was produced at MMVZ, ShMVZ, KhVZ.

A number of photos in the collection were taken from the site velosov.blogspot.ru.


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