10 Russian tractors: our fields are our cars

The most popular tractor in Russia is, of course, Belarus. It is not only supplied from the fraternal state, but also produced under license at several factories in Russia. We also have licensed production, for example, German Claas and a number of foreign tractors.

But today we’ll talk about our own tractor production - our brand, our tractor.

Rostselmash (Rostov-on-Don). The Russian leader in the production of agricultural machinery - combines, tractors, mowers and so on, in general - a complete range for the care of arable land and pasture. And this is a company with a serious history - the first rake, plows and seeders were produced by the factory back in 1929. In the picture - Rostselmash Versatile 2375 - an ultramodern tractor with a Cummins engine, one of the most popular brand models.

"Agromash" (Cheboksary). A large tractor brand that is part of the Tractor Plants concern. It produces combines, tractors, utility equipment, agricultural equipment. The production is integrated with another brand of Tractor Plants, Promtractor, and has a pedigree from the Cheboksary Industrial Tractors Plant founded in 1972. Brand tractors are also being built at other plants of the holding - in Vladimir and Volgograd. The picture shows the Agromash-180TK universal tractor.

Terrion (St. Petersburg - Tambov). The brand of the company "Agrotehmash", making combines, special equipment and, of course, tractors. The main production facilities are located in Tambov. The company appeared in 1997, started as a dealer of foreign equipment, and in 2002 introduced the first own tractor, developed jointly with the Germans. The picture shows one of the company's main models, the Terrion ATM 7360.

Kirovets (St. Petersburg). The legendary Soviet brand, founded as the Kronstadt Iron Foundry back in 1801. It has been building tractors since 1924, now it operates under the brand of a subsidiary of Petersburg Tractor Plant JSC. The picture shows the fifth generation of Kirovets tractors, a model of the K-744R series. This model is produced in 7 trim levels - with Mercedes-Benz, TMZ and YaMZ engines.

Baltiets (St. Petersburg). The spiritual brother of Kirovets, but - young. The plant and the brand appeared in 2000, at first attachments were manufactured there, and since 2006, its own tractors. Today Baltiets makes forestry, airfield, communal and other equipment of a very wide range. Pictured is a Baltiets K-707T general-purpose agricultural tractor with a YaMZ engine.

KAMTZ (Naberezhnye Chelny). The Kama Tractor Plant makes tractors under the TTX brand, which stands for "Tractors of your farm." There were several attempts to open the production of tractors at KamAZ facilities, the first in 1985, but only this one, of the 2012 model, was successful. The picture shows the KAMTZ TTX-215 universal tractor.

VTZ (Volgograd). Entering the Tractor Plants concern, the Volgograd Tractor Plant founded in 1930 makes the Agromash tractor and various attachments. But there is one tractor in the lineup under its own brand - VTZ DT-75. This is an unchanged model of the plant since 1963, having survived many improvements and restylings. The picture shows the latest version with a new cab.

ChTZ (Chelyabinsk). Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant was founded in 1933 and mainly produces bulldozers, loaders, pipe layers and so on. There is one T10 tractor in the lineup in two configurations - conventional and swamp. In the picture - ChTZ T10MB (swamp configuration).

"Alttrack" (Rubtsovsk). The Altai Tractor plant specializes in forestry equipment for various purposes, as well as equipment for various needs of heavy engineering. One of the areas is caterpillar tractors for agricultural purposes. The plant was founded in 1941 and, oddly enough, is not “swallowed” by the “Tractor Plants” concern. Pictured is the Alttrack T-501 crawler agricultural tractor.

Petra-ZST (St. Petersburg). The company, founded in the northern capital in 2003, today produces various road construction equipment, snow blowers and several varieties of agricultural and industrial tractors. The advertising image shows the Petra-ZST 390 model, a universal tractor, one of the heirs of the classic Kirovets.


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