10 Russian smartphones: we can too

YotaPhone (Moscow). The most famous smartphone manufacturer in Russia, also makes modems and routers. The company was founded in 2007 as a wireless operator; since 2011, its Yota Devices division has been manufacturing various gadgets. Smartphones are distinguished by unusual technological solutions - for example, a second screen based on electronic ink. The picture shows the YotaPhone 2.

Highscreen (Moscow). In terms of production volumes and the number of models, it is not the largest Russian manufacturer, but one of the most famous smartphones in terms of quality and relevance to the world level. In addition to smartphones, he makes various accessories (covers, headphones, protective films). The brand was founded in 2009 as a subsidiary of the German company Vobis and was originally just a “rebagil” of the Chinese, but today it is fully developed. Pictured is Highscreen Power Five EVO.

Oysters (Moscow). The brand specializing in cheap smartphones also makes button phones, tablets (the latter being one of the leaders on the Russian market) and ... coffee machines in the Nespresso standard. The company was founded in 2010, previously it also produced car navigators, e-books and other equipment. Pictured is the Oysters Pacific E.

teXet (St. Petersburg). A major brand producing smartphones, tablets, clock radios, car electronics, e-books, landlines and so on. It was founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of the Alkotel brand, became famous for quite good “grandmothers”, and from the beginning of the 2010s began to make stylish protected and extreme smartphones (however, there are also ordinary ones in the lineup). The picture shows a secure teXet X-driver Quad / TM-4082R smartphone.

Senseit (Moscow). The manufacturer of smartphones, trackers, accessories, founded in 2010 and now known as ordinary smartphones in the Life series, and protected models with ultra-high capacity batteries in the Adventure series. In the picture - protected Senseit R390 +.

4Good (Moscow). The company, flirting in the name with both the English “for good” (“forever, forever”) and with 4G networks, offers very, very cheap smartphones for $ 25-30. However, in the lineup there are also top-end models more expensive, as well as tablets and cloud-laptops. The company is young, entered the market in 2015. The picture shows the 4Good S502M 4G.

Explay (Moscow). The company, known for its active advertising company, produces tablets, navigators, mp3 players, headphones, speakers, DVRs and smartphones. Founded in 2005, now regularly goes to the 3-4th place in sales of gadgets in Russia, second only to Apple and Samsung. Pictured is Explay Tornado.

MTS (Moscow). One of the giants of mobile communications in Russia, "Mobile telesystems"; The company was founded in 1993, it also works in the markets of other states. Under its own brand, it sells smartphones, routers and other equipment in single-brand communication stores. Smartphones are mainly branded ZTEs. The picture shows the MTS Smart Race 4G model.

Beeline (Moscow). Another giant of the Russian mobile communications market is the brand of VimpelCom. It was founded in 1993 and at one time was the most expensive brand in Russia. Like MTS, Beeline sells smartphones and other equipment under its own brand, mainly those who have replaced the Huawei badge. Pictured is Beeline Smart5 Yellow.

iRU (Moscow). A brand founded in 2002 and owned by a large distributor of Merlion equipment and mainly specializing in desktops and laptops. Also in the lineup there are nettops, servers and literally several smartphones. The picture shows the iRU Q501.

You say: this is how it is going in China! And you will be right. Everything is going to China - not only ours. All iPhones also gather in China. And the lion's share of the Samsung. And Sony. And there are also manufactures in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan. In general, in Europe and the USA for a long time almost no assembly plants.

Therefore, we are in trend. The main thing is that we have business and heads. And in China - just hands. So, 10 Russian smartphones!

* or almost Russian: some of these simply adapt Chinese originals to our networks. But it is indicated in the signatures


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