10 Russian bikes: what to take from our

Stels (Lyubertsy). The largest and most famous Russian bicycle brand, widely operating including for export. Mountain, BMX, two-suspension, folding, city, tourist, women - in the range of bicycles for all occasions, several hundred models. Quality is nothing at all, especially considering the very low prices. Pictured here is the Stels Navigator 130 3sp Lady Women's Walking Bike.

Forward (Perm). Founded in the late 1990s on the basis of the Perm Velta bicycle factory, the brand today offers bikes for all occasions, today it is one of the largest manufacturers in the country and a well-known internationally. Forward bicycles are played by professionals at the Olympic Games, which says a lot. Pictured here is the Forward Hesper 3.0 disc.

Stark (Lenino). A young but already very active team; On the roads and streets quite often there are bicycles of this brand. Mountain, extreme, road, folding, and so on - all the bicycles that a decent manufacturer should have are available. Pictured is the mountain Stark Slash Disc 3/40.

Sura (Penza). This is a trademark of the Polad group of companies, or, in other words, the Penza Bicycle Plant (PMZ), which has existed since 1928. There are quite a few models, only 11 pieces of different classes, because the plant at the same time does everything in the world - from auto parts to building metal structures. Pictured is a Sura Vektor transformer cargo bike.

Stinger (Kaliningrad). Brand manufactured at Velobalt factory. In the lineup - all the necessary classes, from mountain hardtails to cruisers, and they also have very beautiful girls in advertising. Pictured is the Stinger 700C Campus 1.0 road bike.

Novatrack (Kaliningrad). This is also a brand of Velobalt factory, but it has a different specialization regarding Stinger - children's bicycles, runbikes, scooters and so on. In the picture - children's Novatrack Neptun 12 ″.

Altair (Perm). And this is a sub-brand of the Forward company we met earlier. Under the Altair brand, Permians produce bicycles of a lower price category - children, teenagers, as well as some mountain and city ones. The model shows Altair City high 28.

Triton (Moscow). A very unusual manufacturer, since 2005 he has been building bicycles only under a special order, in a custom format. The bikes are exceptionally beautiful, very reliable and very expensive (frames alone start at $ 1, 100). Pictured is a custom off-road Triton model.

Racer (Barnaul). A serious manufacturer of scooters, mopeds, motorcycles and - bicycles. Their model looks cool, how they drive - we don’t know, we haven’t tried it, but in principle the production of motorcycles imposes the need to observe quality parameters on the bicycle part as well. In the picture - Racer 26−217 disk.

Armada (St. Petersburg). The company, primarily specializing in ATVs, pit bikes and snowmobiles, but having in its gamut three electric bicycles. The picture shows the older model of the ArmadA TDF-30 line.

In addition to the ones listed, until recently there were still some Russian bicycle brands, in particular Atom, Navigator (Kaliningrad) and Nordway (owned by Sportmaster). But the first two stopped production, and the last was finally redesigned for the production of tourist equipment. The Baikal and Cosmos brands existed even earlier, but they too have sunk into oblivion.

But even without them, there are enough bicycle manufacturers in Russia.


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