10 Russian and Belarusian ATVs

Oddly enough, quad building is very well developed. Some Russian firms compete quite successfully with industry leaders, especially as regards utilitarian, powerful off-road ATVs. What Russian and Belarusian ATVs can I buy right now?

Russian Mechanics (Rybinsk) is the largest Russian manufacturer of quadrics, a classic. The company has existed since 1971 - it was she, then still in a completely different form - who produced the famous Buran snowmobiles. Today the company makes snowmobiles and ATVs for all tastes. In the picture - "Russian Mechanics" RM 500 II, on the basis of which the army AM-1 was made. A powerful passable car with a built-in winch and 26-inch wheels on alloy wheels will go through any off-road.

Stels (Lyubertsy). First of all, this brand of Velomotors is known for its bicycles, which are almost the most common in Russia. But Stels also makes motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs! The company was founded in 1996 as a distributor, own production - since 2003. Pictured is the Stels ATV 800G Guepard Trophy.

Baltmotors (Kaliningrad). The company, which began in 2004 with assembly production, today has already set about creating its own lines of motorcycles, motorized towing vehicles and ATVs. Pictured is the Baltmotors ATV 500 BASIC.

Hors (Minsk). In Belarus, they also make quadrics. For example, the Minsk company Hors Motors, founded in 2007, initially was engaged only in deliveries of Kawasaki ATVs to the Belarusian market, but today it also makes its own models. This is not a powerful all-terrain vehicle, as in previous companies, namely, fast and easy entertaining ATVs, for example, in the picture - Hors-015.

M1NSK (Minsk). Another Belarusian manufacturer, in fact, the famous Minsk Motors Plant MMVZ, founded in 1945, under a modern brand. Among the numerous bicycles and motorcycles, a small but decent line of ATVs is also hidden. The picture shows the flagship model M1NSK KD 625.

ABM (St. Petersburg). The company, existing since 1996, is a dealer of a number of foreign brands, and also produces mopeds, ATVs, motorized towing and so on under its own brand. Pictured is the ABM Apache 250 model, a sports ATV; Also in the lineup are powerful ATVs.

ZiD (Carpet). The Degtyarev factory has existed since 1916 and in its history of which it just did not produce - mainly, of course, weapons, but there were also sewing machines, motorcycles, machine tools and batteries. Today, the lineup includes scooters, mopeds, all-terrain vehicles and, of course, an ATV, however, there is only one - ZID ATV TL250B, a workhorse that is most convenient due to its layout for farm and technical needs.

MMG (Minsk). And one more Belarusians, the company Molot Motors Group. Since 2011, the company has been supplying spare parts and imported equipment, as well as producing ATVs (and not only) under its own brand. Pictured is the MMG Warrior Quad 150CC.

Avantis (St. Petersburg). And another St. Petersburg company, founded in 2009 and producing "quadrics" and other motor vehicles (as well as engaged in the supply of imported motorcycles). The picture shows the 125 cc model Avantis Hunter.

TMZ (Tutaev). We conclude our review with ATVs that are no longer manufactured, but are sometimes found on the market. Today, the Tutaevsky Motor Plant only produces engines and gearboxes, but 10 years ago there were also “quadrics” in its lineup. The picture shows TMZ Lynx 6.903 (2005).


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