10 Polish cars: what do you know about this?

No, of course, we will plunge a little into the past - and try to tell not only about brands that are well known to us, but first of all about brands that are quite rare and rarely pop up in network discussions and kitchen conversations. So, cars from Poland!

FSM is the same factory that spun off from FSO and made Polski Fiat cars. But before the contract with the Italians, FSM also had their own models, or rather, a model. FSO / FSM Syrena is the first Polish post-war passenger car manufactured by both FSO and its “daughter” FSM from 1957 to 1983 (!). In total, more than 500, 000 Sirens were manufactured in five versions (from 100 to 105) and with a variety of bodies. The picture shows Syrena 104, produced from 1966 to 1972.

Intrall is a very unusual company. It is joint, Russian-British (formerly Soviet-British) and produces trucks and military equipment in Poland. Previously, the company worked under two sub-brands - Lublin and Honker. Pictured is the Intrall Lubo truck, one of the latest models.

Honker is a military sub-brand of Intrall. Pictured is the Honker Skorpion 3 SUV.

Handsome Leopard 6 Liter Roadster from a small Polish company Leopard. It is assembled manually since 2005, today about 25 cars have been sold.

Autosan is a bus manufacturer based in Sanok. It is interesting that the company was founded in 1832 (!) As a manufacturer of steam boilers, and from 1926 to this day has successfully made buses. Pictured is the Autosan Eurolider 15 LE.

Stetysz - Polish car factory, which existed from 1924 to 1929. The picture shows the “dying” model of the 1928 Stetysz TA - in February 29th, a major fire broke out in the factory, which destroyed almost all production. The company never recovered from the disaster.

FSC Star was founded in 1948 and for many years was one of the leaders in the Polish engineering industry. In 2009, Star was bought by MAN, which abandoned production but eliminated the brand. Pictured is Star S2000.

But the second major Polish freight brand - Jelcz - was founded in 1952 and lives on to this day, however, it mainly focuses on military and armored vehicles (earlier it even built trolleybuses). Pictured is a military Jelcz S442 D28.

Solaris is one of the largest bus manufacturers in Eastern Europe. Founded in 2001, named after the work of Stanislav Lem and is very successful. Pictured is the Solaris Trollino 15 trolleybus.

AMZ is a brand of military SUVs and minibuses from the city of Kutno. In the picture - the armored car AMZ бронubr P.


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