10 motorcycles from Lego: like real

Honda CBR1000RR, a modification intended for the Superbike Championship (Honda Repsol team is the official representative of Honda in motorsport). He built the Oryx Chen model in 2012, a pure custom, the master even made special stickers to make the model as close to the original as possible.

Harley-Davidson Fatboy Custom. A model built by Dutch Lego master Dennis Glaasker, known as the Bricksonwheels MOC.

Harley-Davidson FLH Road King "Bad Dad" on a scale of 1 to 10, work by the same author.

We can not tear myself away from the work of Glaasker. Another is Harley Davidson 88 Yellow.

This is Harley Davidson V-Rod, but another master - Henrik Jensen. In general, Harleys are the most popular motorcycles with long imitations, including due to the characteristic design and the abundance of small exterior details.

Enough of the Harleys. This is the Honda CB750 FZ, compiled by a tango-zero master (his website is www.brickshelf.com).

His job is a Buell racing motorcycle.

The Lego developers themselves are also not shaky. Here, for example, a stunningly beautiful LT-1 motorcycle, a serial designer kit. Called the Street Motorcycle kit, the Lego Technic series.

And this is also a serial kit. Motorbike Kit, Lego Technic Series, Number 8051.

And this is a custom. Imitation of Kaneda's motorcycle from the cult Akira manga. Built by The Arvo Brothers, you can find a 200-page (!) Manual on the web.

Wonderful motorcycles from Lego are built by both custom masters and engineers of the company itself - in the latter case, the models often turn into serial ones. Go.


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