10 most unusual musical instruments

Rumiton is one of the most amazing musical instruments of all. It consists of hollow tubes located on a rotating metal platform and making soft sounds when touched and rotated.

The Maritime Authority is a unique architectural structure created by Croatian architect Nicola Basic in 2005 in the city of Zadar. It consists of 35 organ pipes under the steps of the city promenade, making sounds when sea water pushes air through them.

Esraj is an Indian musical string instrument, a cross between a sitar (another Indian musical instrument) and a cello. A bow is used to play it.

A wheeled lyre, also known as a hardy-hardy, is an instrument that came from medieval Europe, which was a characteristic attribute of minstrel culture, then a symbol of beggars and tramps, and then the fascination of aristocrats. The game on it is made by rotating a special wheel.

Vargan is one of the oldest musical instruments known around the world. When playing, the harp is pressed to the lips or teeth, while the mouth serves as a resonator. Vargans were created from wood, bone and metal.

Kantele is a Karelian and Finnish plucked string instrument resembling a harp. Its name comes from the Old Slavonic word meaning, literally, "stringed musical instrument."

Duduk is a reed woodwind instrument common among the peoples of the Caucasus and the Middle East. In 2005, the music of the Armenian duduk was recognized as a masterpiece of UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Wheel Harp is a recent instrument in the antique style, created by enthusiasts to create a unique sound. It has 61 keys and two pedals that allow you to control the strings inside.

Hang is a percussion instrument remotely resembling a UFO. It consists of two metal hemispheres and was developed in 2000 in Switzerland. From it you can extract sounds with your fingertips, thumbs or the base of the brush.

Cajon is a Peruvian percussion instrument that looks like a box of wood. The musician sits on top of the cajon and plays it with his hands or drum brushes, extracting a variety of sounds - from deep bass to high clicks and rattles.

Some tools were invented a few years ago, others date back millennia. People love music, and are ready to create it even with the help of wooden boxes and incredible spinning pipes.

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