10 most fashionable modern gadgets

Projects Watches. Yes, it's just a watch. Cheap designer watches from at least $ 200 and up. There are many unique styles for every taste, from the simplest to the most intricate. The funny thing is that today the clock is no longer needed in order to show the time (this is what the smartphone can do), but in order to show its status or attitude to life. Technology has become fashionable.

Customizable gaming mouse from Logitech. Computer mice have come a long way from two-button copies with an ever-polluting ball to modern optical devices. Logitech is still ahead of the rest on the digital periphery, and their mice, like the G502 in the picture, can be customized to fit any need.

Musical mask for sleep SleepTunez Bluetooth Audio Sleep. When fully charged, it provides up to six hours of music, in addition it consists of special microfibers that effectively block light. Via Bluetooth, connects to any computer or smartphone.

WeMo Smart Switch is an electronic control device. The adapter connects to the outlet, a special application is installed on the smartphone, and voila - the phone turns into a kind of universal remote control that works via Wi-Fi. Through the application, you can also schedule equipment.

Doorbell RING. It combines the functions of a bell and a peephole, and transmits the image from the door directly to the smartphone. Using motion capture technology, the device scans the space in front of the door and reports about visitors. Through it, you can chat with guests, even if they came at a time when no one was home.

Projection Keyboard Magic Cube. Want a keyboard that you can carry in your pocket and not be afraid to spill coffee on it? Then the futuristic Magic Cube, projecting a laser keyboard onto any flat surface, is perfect for you. True, the charge it holds only about two hours, and you will need to get used to printing on an “empty place”.

Wireless Smart Led White Bulb - a wireless “smart light bulb” that can be controlled from your smartphone. For those who are too lazy to go to the switch - or switches, because such devices can be screwed into each room. Of the other advantages - it is energy-saving.

Ultra Slim Qi Wireless Charger. It does not need to be stuck in a smartphone or other portable equipment, just put it nearby at a short distance. Charging will be a little slower, but the charger itself will last longer.

Neo Mouse Wireless 3D is a 3D wireless mouse. Not the most convenient thing, but certainly innovative. In fact, your hand with the index finger in the role of the cursor becomes the controller. At the very least, carpal tunnel syndrome can no longer be feared.

3D printer. Still one of the greatest devices of the 21st century. Still too expensive to buy just like a toy, but still gaining popularity. Using it, you can even print makeup and clothes at home, but in fact - almost anything.

Watches, computer mice, chargers and other technical wonders. Wireless and not only, mainly designed for symbiosis with a smartphone. Sometimes overly expensive, but definitely trending.

In general: what gadgets should you have in order to be called a person of the XXI century?


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