10 most expensive mobile phones in the world

Vertu Signature Diamond. An exclusive series from Vertu, whose phones are consistently ranked as "the most luxurious in the world." The case is made of platinum and decorated with diamonds. In total, about 200 copies were created, each of which costs 88 thousand dollars.

iPhone Princess Plus. Stuffing this phone is no different from the ordinary iPhone, but its appearance is certainly outstanding. Its design was created by the famous Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson, and the case is abundantly encrusted with diamonds weighing up to 17.75 carats. The price ranges from 66 thousand dollars to 176 - depending on the number of diamonds.

BlackDiamond VIPN Smartphone. Black Diamond by Sony Ericsson was created by designer Jaren Goh. The model with the technology of organic LEDs is distinguished by a virtually indestructible body and a screen and filling from Sony. It is decorated with two diamonds - one on the navigation buttons, the other on the back. The price of the phone is 300 thousand dollars.

Vertu Signature Cobra. The design of this model was developed by the French jewelry house Boucheron. The jewelry in the form of a snake includes one pear-shaped diamond, one round diamond, two “eyes” of emeralds and 439 rubies.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. This model, first introduced in Switzerland in 2005, is made of solid gold weighing 180 grams. Its back panel is carved from African wood over 200 years old, the most expensive in the world. The keys are made of pure sapphires. The price is a million dollars.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone. Another offspring of Peter Aloyson with the operating system Windows CE. It is decorated with 50 diamonds, ten of which are the rarest blue ones, and also partially made of pink gold. The price is about a million and three hundred thousand dollars.

GoldVish Le Million. Created by renowned designer Emmanuel Gwaite, specializing in jewelry and expensive watches. In 2006, this phone hit the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive in the world. It is abundantly decorated with white gold and diamonds of 20 carats, the price is one million and three hundred thousand dollars.

iPhone 3G King's Button. Peter Aloyson is still on the verge of creating one expensive phone after another. This model is adorned with 138 diamonds, and a hefty 6.6-carat white diamond in the center serves as the “Home” button. The price for such beauty is a miserable 2.4 million dollars.

Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G 32GB. Another super-iPhone, created from pure gold weighing 271 grams and a screen with a finish of 53 diamonds in 1 carat. The Home button, of course, is also a diamond - at 7.1 carats. In addition, the smartphone is sold in a chest carved from a single granite block decorated with gold, and the inside is made of high-quality nubuck. The price is 3.2 million dollars.

Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB. The most expensive phone on the planet. Of course, an iPhone. Designed by Stuart Hages, a case adorned with 500 flawless diamonds weighing more than 100 carats. Entirely in pink gold, the iPhone logo on the back is also collected from 53 diamonds. The Home button is adorned with platinum with the rarest 7.4 carat pink diamond in the center. The price is $ 8 million.

The most expensive mobile phones in the world, of course, are more likely an element of status for rich people than real work tools. Nevertheless, even by phone from pure platinum it is quite possible to call ... probably.

So, we present the ten most expensive mobile phones in the world!

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