10 most dangerous hobbies in the world

Hang gliding. A fairly popular hobby (albeit losing to paragliding); the risk here, however, cannot be called excessive. However, on 116 thousand flights, one is fatal. Total - about 7-10 deaths every year.

Surfing on the big waves. Certainly an exciting activity that requires great skill from the surfer. The largest waves can reach six to fifteen meters in height. The result is about 10 deaths per year.

Skydiving. It is said that parachuting fills the veins with adrenaline like no other sport. Perhaps this is true, since the danger is very great even with a working parachute - people lose consciousness in the air or collide with each other. On average, about 20 people die per year.

Rock climbing. People like to climb mountains, but if you do this without preparation and equipment, not for long and end your life at the foot. Each year, 25 people die from falls (it’s about disruptions, not mountain sickness and other dangers awaiting the climber - a couple of hundred will be typed with them).

Base jumping, parachute jumping from fixed objects. A much more dangerous sport than traditional parachuting, which is confirmed by the figures - for 2137 jumps one becomes fatal. About 100 deaths per year.

There is much more water on Earth than land - and it is not surprising if many people want to explore the seas on their own. Nevertheless, diving is strictly contraindicated in a number of diseases, as well as in case of overwork, a hangover or even strong nervous excitement. These rules are often ignored - leading to 150 deaths per year.

Piloting. It would seem, how many people can have their own aircraft to use them for a hobby? Oddly enough, a sufficient number. When flying a plane, the slightest mistake is enough to crash - and this also happens quite often. About 400 deaths per year (including passengers).

Swim on the boat. Are they more dangerous than flying? Yes, since they are much more accessible, and the water element can be very insidious. The recent tragedy on Syamozer is a confirmation of this. An average of 736 deaths per year.

Street style. In fact, a sled on the pavement is to find a point higher and slide down. Even full equipment does not save fans of extreme sports from terrible injuries and death. Once in a thousand races, someone dies. In total, about 1, 000 deaths per year.

Motorcycle Rides. A hobby shrouded in a romantic halo of the spirit of freedom. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that a motorcyclist on the road is incredibly vulnerable and should always be alert. This is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world - 4462 deaths every year.

Death awaits a person who wants to climb too high or has dispersed too much. Many thrill-seekers sooner or later make the one and only last mistake in their lives. If your hobby is one of these, take care. But still take risks, of course, because life without risk does not make sense.

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