10 modifications of the goat UAZ-469

Today we will talk only about Soviet variations and only about cars that had an index of 469. It is clear that the index and model name have repeatedly changed - the modified version was called UAZ-3151, there were many other notations. But here we confine ourselves to classics. Only 469, only the USSR, only hardcore.

UAZ-469 (1972). The ancestor of the whole family, the immortal Soviet SUV.

UAZ-460/469 (1958). The first prototype made in metal. In most sources, it passes as the UAZ-460, but in fact the “460” index existed only on paper, and the manufactured copies were already called “469”.

UAZ-460/469 (1958). This is the same car. It just had an unusual asymmetric layout - one door on the driver's side and two on the passenger side.

UAZ-469 (1962). And this is a pre-production sample. Outwardly, it almost does not differ from the car, which eventually went into the series - but the conveyor was left for 11 years due to technological improvements.

UAZ-469 (1962). He is with the tent removed.

UAZ-469BG (1973). The medical version of the car, made already on the basis of the serial.

UAZ-469VB "Petrel" (1980). A car developed on the basis of the 469th for the needs of border troops. On this modification, the all-metal roof, as well as mounts for skis, spotlights and so on, first appeared.

UAZ-469M (1976). This is a modernized version, which with a modified radiator grill went into production as the UAZ-3151.

UAZ-469P (1962). Even at the development stage, two prototypes were made with increased overhangs for the needs of the Ministry of Communications. They did not go into the series.

UAZ-469PX (1973). This is a car for the needs of radiochemical intelligence.

NAMI-UAZ-469B (1977). An experimental version of increased comfort.


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