10 mining trucks: almost all manufacturers in the world

In fact, the demand for mining trucks in the world is very small. With this, the machines, once sent to the quarry, have been working there for decades, without requiring replacement. In particular, because repairs are much cheaper - mining trucks are usually assembled by hand in very small batches.

In the past, there were other manufacturers that are now liquidated, in particular, Euclid (1924−1968), Unit Rig (1935−1960), Bucyrus (1880−2011). Some companies did not disappear, but simply scaled down the production of mining trucks, for example, the Romanian DAC, the Austrian WABCO or the German Kress. Previously, small mining trucks were in the range of the Mogilev Automobile Plant (MoAZ), now - a branch of BelAZ.

BelAZ (Zhodino, Belarus). The Belarusian Automobile Plant was founded in 1948 and is still one of the world's largest manufacturers of mining equipment, as well as mining, metallurgical and other equipment. First, MAZ-525 mining dump trucks were assembled in Zhodino, but in 1961 the first own model appeared, the 27-ton BelAZ-540. In the range of as many as 13 models. BelAZ is the world record holder - the BelAZ-75710 (2013) model with a lifting capacity of 450 tons is the largest truck in the world. Actually, he is in the picture.

Liebherr (Bieberach an der Ries, Germany). German-Swiss company founded in 1949 by Hans Liebherr. It produces a wide range of products - all kinds of construction and port cranes, household appliances, machine tools, excavators, equipment for the aviation and railway sectors. To date, there are 3 models in the line of mining trucks. Pictured is the company's heaviest truck, the Liebherr T 284 (2012), with a payload of 363 tons.

Terex (Westport, USA). One of the largest technology companies in the world, producing almost any equipment for the road-building, mining, oil, transport, processing industries and utilities. It was founded in 1933 by George Armington and has since been constantly expanding, absorbing younger competitors. Once Terex made the world's largest mining trucks, but today the line is small, it consists of only 4 models, the largest of which is the 100-ton Terex TR100 (1998), in the picture.

Caterpillar (Peoria, USA). Another American giant, a manufacturer of all kinds of special equipment - tractors, excavators, road-building machines, loaders, forestry equipment and so on. And also - surprisingly - a well-known brand of shoes, but it is rather a side business. The company was founded in 1925. Nowadays, there are 17 dump trucks in the range of mining trucks, the largest of which is the 363-ton Caterpillar 797F (2009).

Komatsu (Tokyo, Japan). A large Japanese conglomerate producing mining dump trucks of various types (including trolley cars and autonomous drones), as well as various road-building equipment, forklifts, pipe layers, mining equipment, presses and other industrial equipment, military equipment and so on. The company was founded in 1921. The range includes 14 dump trucks, the largest of which is the 400-ton Komatsu 980E-4 (2016), in the picture.

Hitachi (Tokyo, Japan). A powerful Japanese corporation with dozens of divisions and producing everything from computers and household appliances to road-building machines and mining trucks, from ships and trains to medical supplies. In general, really, that's all. Founded in 1910, it has been building heavy mining equipment since 1951. In the range - 5 mining trucks, the largest - 326-ton Hitachi EH5000AC-3 (2013).

Sanyi (Changsha, China). A Chinese company that produces all kinds of road-building, quarrying, oil-producing equipment, as well as wind turbines and various power devices. One of the youngest in the market of mining trucks - was founded in 1989. In the range - 3 not very large mining dump trucks. The largest is the 95-ton Sanyi SRT95C.

XCMG (Xuzhou, China). Another Chinese company, relatively newly formed, producing almost any heavy equipment (we will not once again list “road construction, mining ...”). It was founded in 1989 and today it occupies the 5th place in terms of capital in its industry. There are 5 models in the range of mining trucks, the largest of which is the XCMG XDE400 with a payload capacity of 400 tons (pictured). The funny thing is that it can be ordered not only through an authorized dealer, but also on ... the Alibaba online market.

Beml (Bangalore, India). The largest Indian company for the production of road and so on equipment and trucks. It was founded in 1964. In the range of mining trucks there are 6 models, the largest of which is the 205-ton Beml BH205E, in the picture. It is the first truck of this type fully developed and manufactured in India.

LiuGong (Guangxi, China). Chinese manufacturer of cranes, excavators and further on the list, founded in 1958 (that is, not from the "new Chinese"). So far, I have not really turned around in the market of mining trucks, just one 46-ton model LiuGong SGR50.


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