10 Indian cars: no worse than Chinese!

There are more than 40 automobile manufacturing or assembly plants in India, so this review will probably not be the only one. One way or another, you have a serious “dozen”: the largest and most famous car factories, plus a bonus to several little-known companies as a seasoning.

Mahindra Group is a giant conglomerate with more than 200, 000 employees and producing absolutely everything - automobiles, motorcycles, spaceships, ships, and agricultural equipment. Founded in 1945, today it is one of the technological leaders in the Indian market. The picture shows a fresh, 2016 model Mahindra KUV100.

Tata Group is the largest technological conglomerate in the country, founded in 1945, with 600, 000 (!) Employees. Minerals, steel, automotive, food are all Tata. By the way, Jaguar, Land Rover and Daewoo belong to Tata. In the illustration - one of the latest models, Tata Bolt.

Premier is a company founded in 1941, now specializing in the assembly of Dodge, Fiat, Peugeot and producing a number of models under its own brand. The picture shows the timeless classic, Premier Padmini, manufactured under the license of Fiat from 1964 to 2000.

Hindustan is probably the most legendary Indian brand. Founded in 1942, the company became famous for the “eternal” Hindustan Ambassador model (pictured), based on the classic Morris Oxford series III and produced from 1958 to 2014 (!), However, with easy facelifts every 10 years. Today, Hindustan is essentially an Mitsubishi assembly plant.

Rajah is a now forgotten company that from 1981 to the mid-2000s produced trucks and vans exclusively for the domestic market. The picture shows the 1981 Rajah Kazwa model.

Eicher is a completely unknown plant in our country, which has been successfully producing trucks since 1948. The illustration shows one of the new models, the Eicher Pro 6031. In addition to the trucks, Eicher makes the Eicher Polaris Multix, a lightweight farm utility vehicle.

Force is another not very well-known manufacturer of cars and special cars. It was founded in 1958, until 2005 it was called Bajaj (and under this name it was more often met in the press). Pictured is the Force Gurkha SUV.

Pictured is San Storm, the only San model manufactured from 1998 to 2013. San Storm was positioned as a beach car and was quite common in resort areas, in particular - in Goa.

VFJ (Vehicle Factory Jabalpur) - founded in 1969, a manufacturer of military equipment and vehicles, working mainly for the Ministry of Defense of India. Pictured is a VFJ LPTA 713 truck.

Maruti is a car factory, now owned by Suzuki and, in fact, an assembly plant, but once producing its own models. It was founded in 1981 in New Delhi. Pictured is the Maruti Gipsy SUV.


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