10 crazy Japanese inventions

Sockets for eye drops allow you to precisely aim in the eye when you need to drip it with something. The real problem is not to blink during the process, but this device, alas, does not solve it.

Exciting chewing gum is the Japanese response to the famous Viagra. If you believe the advertisement - it contains pure testosterone. The female version promises ladies to increase their external attractiveness, including a natural breast lift with regular use.

An elephant for cleaning urinals does its job perfectly, one trouble is too big. It could greatly facilitate the cleaners of office buildings their difficult work, if there was a place in the pantries for storage.

Pillows in the form of a half torso with a hand for hugging look creepy. They are intended for girls who have lost guys, but are not able to fall asleep without the usual hugs. The male version looks like a pair of soft knees.

An umbrella tie is probably small in size and looks idiotic, but you can be 100% sure that you will never forget it in public transport. In Japan, where it rains almost as often as in the UK, umbrellas are never superfluous.

Dust cleaning slippers for cats - for those who can not afford a robot vacuum cleaner, but have a not too resistant pet! Unless, of course, your cat is not so lazy that he will simply “sweep” the same chair.

An oil pencil is an alloy of glue stick and a packet with butter. Despite the strange appearance, the idea is really good - no more fussing with knives to cover a sandwich with butter.

A cap for sleeping in the subway will not allow your head to lean on your neighbor’s shoulder, keeping it upright. At the same time, a sign is attached to the forehead indicating at which station the cap holder should be woken up.

The rain drive will not allow the valuable rain water to disappear, collecting it from an inverted umbrella in a convenient container for carrying under the arm. It all looks, of course, like a typical chindogu, but who did it stop?

Garden tool “10 in 1” is practically the essence of “useful, but ridiculous” inventions. A kind of Swiss knife, only intended for a garden garden. Perhaps he will enrich the life of some farmer, but he certainly won’t go into mass production.

On the other hand, in the West they award the Schnobel Prize, the nominees of which force them to "laugh at first, and then think"? So, perhaps, the concept of crazy, but quite useful inventions is not so far from us.


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