The 10 Craziest AliExpress Products: Cheap and Hilarious

AliExpress is one of the most popular trading floors in the world where you can literally find anything. The most unusual, funniest products are waiting for their owners - especially now, when shopping together has become much more profitable!


Tired of a regular Rubik's Cube? Want to go beyond six faces and try something less trivial? Then your choice is Megaminx. In fact, the principle of operation of this puzzle is not much different from the Rubik's Cube, with one big exception: it is made in the form of a dodecahedron, or dodecahedron. There are 62 moving elements in the megaminx: 50 of them change their position during rotation, and the remaining 12 are the static centers of the faces.

Read our second article with a selection of the most creepy goods! Play your friends with bloodied limbs and other very realistic toys.

Despite the fact that visually the structure of the dodecahedron looks much more complicated, in fact it is as easy to assemble it as a standard Rubik's cube. And those who are engaged in high-speed assembly as a hobby will be pleasantly surprised that the algorithms for cube assembly are also applicable to the dodecahedron.

Plush brick

Each of us in life needs a comfort zone. For some, this can be a favorite sofa or bed, someone finds himself in creativity and sports, specially subjecting his body and spirit to difficult tests ... But most often, a person just needs something soft and comfortable at home. If you are a brutal man (or no less brutal girl) who is not interested in all kinds of soft animals, then for you there is a worthy alternative - a plush brick!

Outwardly, this toy is practically indistinguishable from a real brick, but do not worry - it is literally full of tenderness and comfort. Such a brick is suitable both as a comfortable pillow under your head, and just as a fun way to play households or work colleagues.

AliExpress is so popular that it is in the top 50 most visited portals in the world according to Alexa. And the answer is simple - the famous sales (11.11, 08.08, 28.03 and others), thanks to which discounts on the most coveted products can reach almost 100%!

Flask bracelet

A stylish accessory is good. A stylish accessory that combines beauty with practical use is great. If you like catchy jewelry and alcohol, then a flask in the shape of a bracelet will definitely appeal to you. Elegant, concise and, most importantly, perfectly disguised from prying eyes, the liquid container will allow you to enjoy the taste of your favorite drink in any, even the most extreme situation. In addition, this is simply a convenient way to carry a small amount of liquid - such a flask does not take up space in a bag, and your hands will always remain free.

Acne Extraction Simulator

There is some kind of ... atypical pleasure in how long acne ripening under the fingers juicyly bursting. Purposefully making your skin covered with blackheads does not work, but if you monitor your appearance, then this is not required. The gloomy Chinese genius gave birth to a toy, simple in design and charmingly disgusting in nature. A special gel fills an elastic silicone pad that mimics pores on human skin. All that remains is to slightly press on it, and trickles of a whitish, viscous substance will flow from improvised pores.

In order to save money in online stores, it is not necessary to wait for big sales. There are several simple ways to choose whatever you want, saving a round sum on this. For example, the new AliExpress section “With friends is cheaper” is devoted to products whose price does not exceed 600 rubles.

Cube in cube

One of the most popular meditation techniques is focusing on a single subject or phenomenon, which allows you to drive a string of unnecessary thoughts out of your head and focus on business, while relaxing. For hours they contemplate how fire burns or water flows. And as an office option, such a wonderful cube enclosed in a smaller cube is perfect. You can make yourself a koan “How did he get there?” And think about it (or you can just see our material on how to make such a puzzle yourself). According to the manufacturer, this is an excellent antistress and just an interesting accessory that is suitable for decorating a workplace or interior in a Scandinavian style.

The new system “Cheaper with friends” allows you to get attractive discounts if you want to buy the same things with a friend. And thanks to the “Discount for two” service, you can save even if you do not have friends: you can always just join a buyer who liked the same product.

Alcohol lock

The traditional way to play a man and at the same time give him a nice gift is to brew a bottle of expensive alcohol in a box made of fittings, which can only be opened by loosening numerous nuts. But if you do not have a welding machine and you do not want your gift to weigh like a pond weight, it does not matter - we have a solution to the problem. Naierdi has adapted the well-known triple-combination combination lock to lock the neck of the bottle. By the way, this is not only a way to protect your favorite drink from encroachment from the outside, but also a very functional sealed cork that will not allow the liquid to pour out or evaporate. The castle looks stylish and concise, and therefore it can be used as an original element to decorate its wine collection.

If you like branded things, then here is another useful life hack. In the “Brand Focus” section, periodically there are collections of quality products from the largest brands - and, most interestingly, mouth-watering discounts apply!

Toilet trap

Remember a toy with a little devil on a spring that suddenly jumps out of the box, is it worth it to someone open? Well, times are changing, and toys are changing with them. Now this is a miniature toilet, but not simple, but with a "surprise". As soon as a curious person opens the lid, a charismatic feces will flood him with a stream of water. There is no magic here - the whole secret lies in a small tank inside the toy, into which you must pour water in advance. By the way, water can be replaced with any other liquid - the manufacturer recommends using cold coffee or dark juice, so that the joke comes out even more realistic and nasty.

Ferromagnetic Plasticine

Ferromagnetic fluids are colloidal solutions in which a solvent (most often plain water) is mixed with nanoparticles of materials containing iron. Under the influence of a magnetic field, the liquid spontaneously changes, forming a folded structure. From the outside, it looks like some kind of alien parasite is trying to break out. However, liquids tend to spill and stain clothes, so playing with them at home is very difficult. But plasticine, which has similar properties, leaves no traces and does not lose a homogeneous structure, so even children can have fun with it. Just put a neodymium magnet in such plasticine - and the substance will immediately begin to move, as if absorbing a smooth cube, to the delight of all.

By the way, by attracting friends to shopping, you can reduce your expenses to a minimum. As part of the “Cut the price to the ruble” campaign, you get a discount for each friend participating in the purchase. Needless to say, thanks to this, you can literally fill the basket with good and pay for everything like for a trip to the subway? By the way, for all participants of the action, delivery in Russia is completely free :-)

Finger guillotine

In 1791, the French doctor Joseph Guillotin proposed using the most humane way to execute criminals - instantly cutting off the head using a simple mechanism. Despite the fact that Joseph himself was not the inventor of this device, the people attached to it the name "guillotine", but it remained. When it was replaced by an electric chair, the guillotine changed: now they began to call it a device with which you can make an even cut of the tip of the cigar.

Of course, not without draws. With this toy you can turn your finger into ... a ghost through which solid objects pass. But only for an outside observer: the whole secret lies in the “blade”, which simply bends around any solid object, but does it so quickly that visually it seems to pass through.

Personal slot machine

You dream to open your own casino, but so far the cheapest chip is barely enough? No problem! Now you can buy the real “one-armed bandit” at a ridiculous price, but ... there is one caveat. The height of the tiny machine is only 8 centimeters, which, however, does not hurt to play it like in a real casino. But only if you win, rain will not spill on you from voiced coins - but you can take this slot machine with you on any trip!

In conclusion, I want to note that even in the case of individual purchases, AliExpress does not skimp on personal discounts and is always loyal to customers. In addition, thanks to the new fast delivery service, your purchases will find their owner in a matter of days, even if they have to be delivered from the other hemisphere!


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